Top 3 Most Expensive Outfits From “The Glory 2”

On March 10, streaming giant Netflix released the second part to the intense thriller, “The Glory“. When the first part came to its climactic conclusion, many fans were left speechless and eagerly awaited for the series’ return. Now that it’s here and the show has officially wrapped up, fans are elated at its amazing ending.

The cast did a wonderful job in portraying their characters, making viewers feel an entire spectrum of emotions. From sympathy to fear, to even downright anger, “The Glory” is one for the history books. Aside from the mesmerizing story and the cast’s explosive acting, many audiences commented on the character’s impressive wardrobe. While some could be bought at your local thrift stor, there were other pieces that looked completely out of reach to the normal person.

Netizens were quick to search up “The Glory” stars’ lavish wardrobe. We’ve looked through them and compiled a list of the top 3 most expensive outfits from “The Glory 2”.

Note: These are the outfits that have currently been identified by netizens and fans of the show. More expensive outfits might pop up at a later time.

1. MOJO.S.PHINE Jacket & A Dior Bag


The jacket alone doesn’t seem like much, coming out to 759,000 Won, or roughly close to 585 USD. But when it’s paired with the deep red DIOR bag, the combined price can make your jaw drop. The total for both pieces adds up to 6,685 USD. The look is achievable, but you’ll definitely need to spend quite a bit to get it.

2. PORTS Eco Fur Jacket & TOM FORD Crossbody Bag

Black on black on black looks extraordinary on I’m JiYeon. With the two pieces combined, the total comes out to a staggering 5,480 USD. But I guess that’s the price you have to pay in order to look as fashionable as “The Glory” star.

3. VERSACE Cotton Jacket

Who says only girls get to have fun and be fashionable? Actor Park Sung Hoon dons on this stylish cotton jacket from VERSACE, making a bold, and intimidating, fashion statement. It comes out to 1,695 pounds, which translates to roughly 2060 USD, or 2,686,210 Korean Won. It’s definitely a statement piece, leaving quite an impression on audiences everywhere.

Did you watch “The Glory 2”? What do you think of the drama and the casts’ wardrobe? Let us know in the comments!