LE SSERAFIM’s Huh YunJin Releases Third Single ‘love you twice’

LE SSERAFIM Official Twitter

THE SSERAFIM are a fearless girl group, dominating the charts and becoming one of the leading artists of the 4th generation. They’ve got style, musicality, and a distinct color that sets them apart from the vast sea of groups in the K-Pop industry. Fans have become smitten by the members’ unique charms that make them the individuals many love today.

One member who has stood out for her musical prowess is none other than Huh Yun Jin. It is widely known that the LE SSERAFIM member has previous experience as an opera singer. She has shown this talent multiple times on variety shows, YouTube content, and even for a year end performance! But the idol member has also been known to dabble in song writing and composition!

Despite not even being a year since her group’s debut, YunJin has released a total of three singles. With the most recent release coming out on March 14, 2023, entitled ‘love you twice’.

LE SSERAFIM's Huh YunJin Releases Third Single 'love you twice'

LE SSERAFIM Official Twitter

If you have yet to listen to the track, you can check it out down below.

‘love you twice’ is comfy and chill, giving off vibes suitable for the oncoming spring season. However, just like with her previous releases, the lyrics of ‘love you twice’ are introspective and hit deep right down to the depths of your soul. While idols are often painted as these untouchable stars shining bright in the sky, YunJin shows that idols are human too. And being human includes dealing with doubt and self-worth. If YunJin is already putting songs that evoke self-reflection while still sounding good, then we cannot wait for what she releases next.

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