Iconic Producer Yoo Young Jin Leaves SM Entertainment — What Will Happen To The Other Artists Who Have Supported Lee Soo Man?

He wrote many hits including “Sorry Sorry” and “Tell Me Your Wish.”

With MOVES backing down from the acquisition war of SM EntertainmentSM Entertainment is facing some internal turmoil. As Lee Soo Man has already left the company and vocalized his disapproval of the new “SM 3.0” plans, all eyes are on the longtime artists and staff who have openly expressed support for Lee Soo Man.

It was a huge shock to many when it was reported in the news that iconic SM Entertainment producer Yoo Young Jin had left the company. Previously, he had already warned that he would be following Lee Soo Man, indicating support for his mentor.

OG SM Entertainment Producer Yoo Young Jin Declares He Will Not Stay With The Company Without Lee Soo Man

Yoo Young Jin has produced many of SM Entertainment’s iconic songs, including SHINee‘s “Lucifer,” Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry,” and Girls’ Generation‘s “Tell Me Your Wish.”

Veteran actor and entertainer Kim Min Jong had also previously sent a company-wide letter out to express support for Lee Soo Man. Fans are speculating that he might be the next to leave.

Next is H.O.T‘s Kangta and soloist BoA. They were appointed directors of the company for their long service and contract to the company. Fans feel that there is a high possibility that these two will leave.

As for idol artists, no one can be sure. While Yoo Young Jin had a sure hand in carving out their image and sound, his departure could be a rare chance for the artists to shape a new image.