ZEROBASEONE Yujin's Comment About The Group's Future Has Fans Feeling Emotional

ZEROBASEONE Yujin’s Comment About The Group’s Future Has Fans Feeling Emotional

Following the finale of Boys Planet, the ZEROBASEONE have only grown in popularity, already releasing their second album less than six months into activities as a group.


However, Yujin‘s recent comments on the group’s future got fans right in the feels.


Recently, for SHINee Taemin‘s comeback, he and four rookie idols — &Team‘s Fuma, TEMPEST‘s Hyeongseop, BOYNEXTDOOR‘s Sungho, and Yujin were featured in a PIXID video.

The video featured Taemin hiding in a chatroom with the other stars, pretending to be a rookie.

The idols were asked questions to determine who the “imposter” was, including what they foresaw their groups doing for their 10th anniversary.

Some of the rookies have answers like holding a fan meeting or touring…

…but Yujin’s answer caught attention. The ZEROBASEONE member said he thought they’d “be doing a lot of different things.

While this couple is interpreted to mean that the group would be active in different ways, some fans were reminded of the group’s temporary nature. Like most survival show groups, ZEROBASONE is only set to promote for a limited time before going their separate ways, like Produce groups, Wanna One, and I.O.I.


Fans sharing the clip couldn’t help but get emotional at the unintended reminder.

Hopefully, ZEROBASEONE will be around for much longer than anticipated!