Where Are They Now? The Plus-Size K-Pop Girl Group That Disappeared

Their debut was met with massive criticism.

While many K-Pop idols embrace having voluptuous bodies that don’t necessarily fit into the harsh body standards the industry forces on stars, like MAMMOO‘s Hwasa


…and CLone K-Pop group embraced body positivity from the moment they debuted.

CL | @chaelin/Instagram

The Piggy Dolls was a three-membered girl group that debuted in 2011 that featured only plus-sized idols. The group’s line-up at debut consisted of leader Minsunvocalist Jiyeonand maknae make.

(left to right) Piggy Dolls’ Jiyeon, Minsung, and Jieun.

After their debut with “Trend,” a song all about body positivity and self-love, they faced harsh backlash from netizens who criticized every aspect of their existence.

Unfortunately, it seems this criticism affected them , as when they made their comeback a few months later, the group had lost a collective 113 lbs. This led to many of their fans feeling “betrayed” while netizens still were not impressed with their weight loss.

Piggy Doll’s second release cover.

After a year hiatus, the group made their return with “Ordinary Girl” a track that was similar to their debut. However, the group’s line-up had changed entirely and was now made up of It’s Eunyoung and Lee Eunyoung as vocalists and Lee Jiyoung as the group’s maknae.

After so many changes, the group’s fanbase dwindled, leading to their disbandment in 2013.

Since then, some of the original and added members have continued in the music industry. Leader Minsun is a soloist under JDR Records and shares dance covers on her social media accounts.

Not much is known about original vocalist Jiyeon’s activities after the group disbanded, while it seems Jieun has also stayed out of the spotlight.

Of the three “new” members, only one has public activities, Kang Eunyeong, who re-debuted in 2018 as a member of Pink Fantasy under the stage name SeeA. Pink Fantasy attracted attention with their debut for having a member whose identity would remain a secret until specific achievements were met.

Pink Fantasy’s SeeA
Pink Fantasy | MyDoll Entertainment

Though their time as a group was brief, they surely will be remembered for their debut concept.

Where Are They Now?