TWICE Fans Aren't The Only Ones Obsessed With Mina's Twerking As TWICE Start A New "Trend"

TWICE Fans Aren’t The Only Ones Obsessed With Mina’s Twerking As TWICE Start A New “Trend”

“Say thank you Mina.”

TWICE are currently on their 5th world tour, Ready To Beand fans are loving all of the group’s high-energy stages.

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Each member’s solo stages are especially exciting to fans as it highlights each member’s incredible talents, including everything from Dahyun‘s beautiful piano playing to Momo‘s astounding dancing.

And Mina‘s solo stage especially went viral, as the talented idol covered Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings.”

Fans can’t get enough of the unexpectedly sexy stage, which included Mina’s twerking.

But fans aren’t the only ones loving Mina’s solo stage; multiple members of TWICE made sure to include Mina’s solo choreography during different parts of their concert. Like when Ji Hyo imitated the choreography while talking to the audience.

Or when Jeongyeon and Mina danced each other’s solo songs.

Or when Nayeon included it as an unexpected part of the choreography for “LIKEY.”

Even Mina has been showing off her skill outside of her solo performance, leaving fans at a loss for words.

Fans joke that TWICE having already begun to imitate Mina’s solo stage might mean they soon see all the members twerking.

Which seems especially likely as Mina has already started teaching her members the choreography.

You can read more about Mina’s solo stage here.

TWICE’s Mina Is Going Viral For Her Twerking