Top 10 Best Slow-Burn K-Dramas That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

Everybody loves a good K-Drama that has you sitting on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. What better way to do that than adding slow-burn K-Dramas to your watchlist?

Slow-burn K-Dramas are characterized by a sense of yearning or angst that underlies a love line. In other words, it’s when the lead characters’ love line feels like it’s playing out super slowly either because they are late to realize their feelings or there are other obstacles in their way. Their love seems to have a slower build-up than the average K-Drama romance.

For the viewer looking to watch more dramas like this, we’ve compiled a watchlist of slow-burn K-Dramas to melt your heart and mellow your watchlist.

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Cast: Lee MinKiKim Ji Won, Son Suk Ku, HEand more.

Summary: “My Liberation Notes”, set in Sanpo Village, depicts the lonely life of three unbearably rustic siblings and the mysterious man who lives in their neighborhood.

Watch Because: If there was a K-Drama dictionary, “My Liberation Notes” would be in the dictionary next to ‘slow-burn K-Drama’. Every single episode is filled with yearning in every sense of the word and in every regard of the story. The story with its relatability has a huge payoff for the slowness of the burn and is definitely worth it. This K-Drama is a drama that will give you a sense of assurance.

Cast: ZE:It’s Yim SiWan, Shin SaeKyeongGirls’ Generation’s SooYoung, Kang TaeOh, and more.

Summary: It tells the love stories of people from different worlds who communicate with their own languages and create relations in times where it is difficult to communicate even while using the same Korean language.

Watch Because: Although the plot doesn’t focus solely on the romantic element, the main couple makes quite the mature pair. It’s a refreshing drama that takes a new approach to romance. There is clear communication between them which sweetens the relationship as there is no room for ambiguity. You also get to enjoy seeing their romantic journey as they learn to adore each other.

Cast: Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, Kim JiHyunand more.

Summary: A drama depicting the real human experience of the friendship, love, and life of three women who are about to reach 40.

Watch Because: This slow burn is rather bittersweet. It comes from all fronts of the story, romantic or not, and leaves you pensive throughout the drama. There is also this sense of an impending end that you know is coming and yet it feels like time within the drama is crawling. We mean this in the most positive way. The sadness of this drama puts the ‘burn’ in ‘slow-burn’ yet leaves you with a wholesome and compassionate impression of the story and its characters.

Cast: AOA’s SeolHyunZE:A’s Yim SiWan, and more.

Summary: After her boyfriend dumps her, Lee YeonReum’s mother dies in an accident. She experiences one of her worst moments in life. Following her mother’s death, she decides to live a completely different life and leave her job. She then moves to a small village. Upon entering the village, Lee YeonReum meets the residents, such as An DaeBeom who works as a librarian, and he rarely talks to people. However, he manages to get comfortable with Lee YeonReum despite his stutter. Throughout their time together, Lee YeonReum also learns more about herself.

Watch Because: This drama is not only a slow-burn drama but it is also a healing drama. This goes for both the drama characters and for those of us enjoying the story. It has an uplifting quality and the characters have the best dynamic. All-in-all watching this drama promises a soothing experience.

Cast: Park Min Young, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Jae Wook, Kim HwanHee, Im SeMiand more.

Summary: It tells the healing heart-warming romance of HaeWon (Park MinYoung) who goes down to her hometown -a village called BukHyeonRi- because she got tired of living in Seoul, and EunSeob (Seo KangJoon) who runs an independent bookstore, they meet again.

Watch Because: This drama will give you a wholesome and fuzzy feeling mixed into heavier subject matter. It focuses on healing and forgiveness – all set in a refreshing countryside background. If you’re looking for something soft and warm to watch then this is a go-to drama that will mellow you down.

Cast: Han Ji Min, Jung HaeIn, Kim JunHanand more.

Summary: It tells the realistic romance of Lee JungIn who thinks she found her happiness and Yoo JiHo a warm-hearted man.

Watch Because: This drama is one of those guilty viewing pleasures that everyone enjoys. It is quite realistic which only adds to the beauty of the drama as you find yourself sympathizing and empathizing with the characters. The drama is by the same director as “Something in the Rain” (number 9 on our list). So, if you like one, you’ll like the other.

Cast: Kim Min Jae, Park Eun Binand more.

Summary: It tells a love story that involves the uncertain and shaky dreams of 29-year-old classic music students.

Watch Because: This drama boasts some of the best character development in both lead characters. On top of that, they also have one of the cutest love stories ever with a heartwarming quality to the plot. The drama is quiet in nature and makes you contemplate a lot of things whilst taking in the sweet romance.

Cast: Han SoHeePark HyungSik, and more.

Summary: “Soundtrack #1” is a romance music drama about a man and a woman who have been friends for 20 years and how they blur the lines of their friendship after living together for two weeks.

Watch Because: This drama is an interesting slow burn because the male and female lead already have an established relationship, just in another dynamic. We teeter on the border of this dynamic and its possible shift throughout the drama and it makes for a wholesome experience.

Top 10 Best Slow-Burn K-Dramas That You Should Add To Your Watchlist


Cast: Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In, Jang So Yeonand more.

Summary: A woman in her 30s, living a depressing life, falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother. A story of a relationship that moves from “just acquaintances” to a “genuine couple”.

Watch Because: This drama boasts a love that is very intense despite its slow nature. It has a powerful emotional buildup and the chemistry is incredible, too. It will leave you obsessed with the main couple and their love, hoping to one day have something similar yourself. The drama is by the same director as “One Spring Night” (number 6 on our list). So, if you like one, you’ll like the other.

Top 10 Best Slow-Burn K-Dramas That You Should Add To Your Watchlist


Cast: Choi WooShik, Kim DaMi, Kim SungCheol, Spirit of JeongEuiand more.

Summary: A dizzying romance drama disguised as a youth documentary that puts two people in front of the camera after 10 years of a relationship that should have ended.

Watch Because: With top-tier dialogue and a focus on young lovers who are going through so much personal development, this is definitely a drama that you can hold close to your heart and your personal journey. Not to mention that the chemistry between our male and female lead is fantastic. It is an excellent slice-of-life coming-of-age drama that’s easy to relate to.

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