Stray Kids Fans Are Collectively Tearing Up Over Felix Crying During Japan Concert

Stray Kids Fans Are Collectively Tearing Up Over Felix Crying During Japan Concert

He’s such a sweet, sensitive guy! 🥺

Over the weekend, Stray Kids held their two-day concert for their ongoing MANIAC World Tour in Osaka, Japan at the Kyocera Dome Osaka.

As can always be expected from the talented K-Pop group, the members put on an amazing show for their Japanese fans, making the past two days something for everyone who attended to remember!

One member of Stray Kids that is getting a particular amount of attention online from the concert is Felix.

Felix (Stray Kids) at the Japan concert

He became the subject of a post on an online Korean forum not only because of how cute he looked in his eared beanie during the concert, and just for his pretty visuals overall…

… But also because he couldn’t help but break down in tears when STAYs presented their fan event for the group, making for an emotional moment for the sensitive Stray Kids member.

Felix seemed truly touched by the love and affection that their fans showed them, and even tried to comfort an equally emotional I.N while he was crying himself!

I.N being comforted by Felix

There are plenty of videos on social media sharing the sweet and emotional moment between Felix and Stray Kids’ fans, and even STAYs that didn’t attend the concert seem to be getting teary as well!

Comments from fans on the forum post are expressing fans’ affection and pride for Felix and all that Stray Kids has accomplished.

It’s so heartwarming to see K-Pop idols become so deeply touched by the actions of their fans, showing just how much STAYs mean to Felix and the rest of Stray Kids!

Source: Pan Nate and Pan Choa

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