NMIXX's Lily Goes Viral For Giving Her Unfiltered Thoughts On A "Super Red Flag" In Men

NMIXX’s Lily Goes Viral For Giving Her Unfiltered Thoughts On A “Super Red Flag” In Men

Lily is never afraid to speak her mind!

NMIXX‘s Lily is a total all-rounder, having the talent and visuals that make her stand out no matter what she does.

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In addition to those two things, Lily is known for her hilarious personality. The star has gone viral more than once for sharing her thoughts on subjects idols might not usually discuss, like whether or not cheaters should be forgiven…

…and capitalism.

Now, the NMIXX member has gone viral again for discussing what she calls a “red-flag” in men!

Lily goes live on YouTube monthly as part of her series “Lily’s Lost The Plot.” The star will share a different book/movie for fans to watch, then discuss it with her on the live stream.

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She’s previously covered Harry Potter, La La Land, Begin Againand Thursday Murder Club before this month’s selection, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button tells the story of a man who physically ages backward as he grows older.

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She had strong feelings from the jump, mentioning how upset she was when the main character’s father threw him because of how he looked at birth.

After Benjamin physically ages to a comparable age, he falls in love with a young woman he met when she was physically a child, and he was only mentally. The two have a child, and due to Benjamin’s reverse aging, he believes he will not be a good father and husband and leaves Daisy and his child.

While discussing this plot point, Lily is very worked up, mentioning that Benjamin’s reaction to Daisy’s pregnancy was a “red flag” for her.

Daisy gets pregnant and when she tells Benjamin, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. That’s a red flag for me! I mean, not for me, but for anyone. Just looking at it it’s a red flag for me because, I don’t know, I would expect someone to be very happy with that new but he was kinda…not as happy as I would have expected.

She continued saying that she wasn’t sure where the story was going but that she had hoped he wouldn’t run away. This is also what led to her viral rant about how, to her, some men in real life also run away from their problems a lot.

I don’t know for some reason in movies, probably in real life too, men seem to run away a lot and it’s super annoying for me, and I don’t like it. It’s very…no consequences for life, you don’t think about the consequences of life when men just run away from their problems. It always gets me and it happens in A LOT of movies and we always end up forgiving him you know? But for me it’s a red flag, it’s a super red flag.

This clip collection has over a million views on Twitter alone, and viewers can’t get enough of Lily’s hilariously unfiltered thoughts.

You can watch the full clip below.