Kpopmap Romantic Pick: Jeon DoYeon And Jung KyungHo Are Completely In Sync On "Crash Course In Romance"

Kpopmap Romantic Pick: Jeon DoYeon And Jung KyungHo Are Completely In Sync On “Crash Course In Romance”

Welcome back to the return of Kpopmap’s heart-fluttering series, the Romantic Pick! Through this series we take a look at the most swoon-worthy and serotonin boosting scenes from currently airing/completed K-Dramas, movies, or music videos. Our goal? To get the romantic cells in your body roaring to life in three scenes or less.

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This week’s Romantic Pick comes from the widely popular and recently completed K-Drama, “Crash Course In Romance”. The tvN drama stars the ever-so-talented Jeon DoYeon and Jung KyungHo as its main leads. The series depicts the story of former national athlete Nam HaengSeon (Jeon DoYeon) and star mathematics instructor Choi ChiYeol (Jung KyungHo). The two meet and while overcoming various obstacles and traumas, they start to fall in love.

After scouring all over K-Drama land, we could not resist reliving this scene as soon as possible. The scene we’re talking about comes from the end of the drama. So if that’s not warning enough, we shall repeat it once more.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

The Build Up

Leading up to our Romantic Pick of the week, everything for our two main leads seemed to be settling down. HaengSeon’s sister had her epiphany and left, Nam HaeYi (YoonSeo’s spirit) was on the path to recovery and returned to school, and Choi ChiYeol was coming to terms with the reality of his long-time assistant, Ji DongHui (Shin Jae Ha).


But these moments of reprieve usually don’t last long because a drama has to be, well, a drama! ChiYeol comes face to face with Hong HyeYeon (Bae YoonKyung), his blind date from earlier in the series. The two decide to have a nice, small chat over coffee. And while they have an innocent conversation, filled with a full serving of closure and no romantic feelings whatsoever, a random passerby is shown to be recording their exchange and immediately posts it online. What arrives next is a wave of comments voicing their support for the pair of ChiYeol and HyeYeon.

Now, in any other drama, this could be a sign of trouble for ordinary couples, but our two main leads see this as a golden opportunity. After consulting one of his staff members, ChiYeol goes out to buy rings and after watching the viral video, HaengSeon disappears from her shop with a similar idea.

The Romance

Things looked dicey for a moment and many, including ourselves, were wondering what crazy thing could happen with the end of the drama so near in sight. Will there be a relationship defining fight? Will they break up only to get back together? So many different scenarios popped up in our heads that we became dizzy from anticipation.

Luckily, the action reconvenes in no time, with Choi ChiYeol arriving at Nation’s Best Banchan first. Then a few moments later, HaengSeon returns calm as ever. Our flustered male lead tries his best to hurriedly offer an explanation on what had happened. His words were filled with sincerity and the desperation to keep Nam HangSeon by his side at all costs. But before he could finish, our forever-spunky female lead interrupts with the line “Let’s get married”.

ChiYeol was completely taken aback by HaengSeon’s sudden proclamation, but he regained his composure in no time, leading up to one of the sweetest scenes of the series: a double proposal. The couple bring out two sets of rings and confess their desire to remain together for the rest of their lives. This situation isn’t unheard of, but it’s a rarity nonetheless. The amount of butterflies felt from this scene alone was more than enough to make it our Romantic Pick of the week!

The Happily Ever After

What makes this scene so enjoyable is not just the fact that both of them ended up proposing to one another. It’s thinking about how they got to that point that makes tears swell up in our eyes. They started off the series completely at odds with one another. But to see their relationship grow and evolve offers a cathartic release, providing us with the belief that love is real and absolutely out there. They truly embodied the title of this series, learning how to love from scratch, going through an accelerated romantic course, and becoming a couple we will probably keep talking about for weeks to come.

What was your favorite scene from “Crash Course In Romance”? Let us know in the comments!