Karina Spills The Tea On aespa’s Candid Thoughts About Their Naevis Collaboration

It’s not every day you get to feature an AI on your single.

In a recent press conference held to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated album, My World, aespa took center stage, captivating fans and the media alike. Among the topics discussed was their groundbreaking collaboration with Naevisthe AI character from their enchanting universe known as “For me.” With their pre-release track, “Welcome To My World,” aespa introduced listeners to mesmerizing energy between their real-life members and the virtual persona of Naevis, sparking intrigue and leaving fans eager to learn more about their thoughts on this unique collaboration.

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“Spicy,” the album’s title track, served as a scorching summer anthem, setting the tone for aespa’s explosive comeback. However, it was the inclusion of Naevis in “Welcome To My World” that truly intrigued listeners. In aespa’s universe, Naevis is an AI system designed to bring the girls’ avatar (“aes”) characters to life in the real world. She made her debut appearance in the “MY, KARINA” teaser video, instantly sparking curiosity among fans.

As if breaking boundaries wasn’t enough, SM Entertainment further surprised fans by announcing Naevis’s upcoming solo debut as an AI singer. This innovative concept pushed the envelope of creativity in the K-pop industry, fueling anticipation for aespa’s collaboration with their virtual counterpart.

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During the press conference, Karina fielded questions about Naevis, shedding light on their experience working together. She revealed the members were actually impressed by the perfect functioning of the AI singer!

Naevis is an AI-generated artist, but we sang and danced together. It was the first time for us to release an album together. We were really surprised at how natural she was without any technical glitches or awkwardness. She moved just as smoothly as the other members.

— aespa’s Karina

Karina’s words unveiled aespa’s genuine awe and appreciation for the seamless integration of Naevis into their performances. As an AI character, Naevis defied expectations, effortlessly keeping up with the other members and demonstrating impeccable synchronization. The absence of technical difficulties or awkward moments highlighted the technological prowess behind Naevis’s creation and the meticulous attention to detail that SM Entertainment devoted to her development.

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By seamlessly blending Naevis into their album release, aespa showcased their ability to embrace innovative concepts and push the boundaries of traditional K-pop norms. The collaboration between aespa and Naevis not only highlighted the group’s versatility but also served as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of the K-Pop industry.