DONGYO Entertainment Releases A Statement Regarding DKZ KyoungYoon’s False Association With JMS Cult

DONGYO Entertainment Releases A Statement Regarding DKZ KyoungYoon’s False Association With JMS Cult

DKZ KyoungYoon’s family was accused of being associated with a notorious cult called, JMS, and DKZ’s agency answered the accusations.

The recent Netflix Documentary called “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” reveals the cult’s misdeeds. In light of this, some paid attention to KyoungYoon’s family who ran a café in the Kyungbuk suburbs. The problem was that the café was associated with a local church called, Youngduk Ju Mideum (Youngduk Trust in God), which happened to be part of JMS Cult.

In the official statement of DKZ’s agency, his parents stated that they were unaware of the Church’s association towards JMS Cult.

Read the official statement below:

Hello, this is DONGYO Entertainment.
We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the fans who are always loving and supporting DKZ.
We also offer our apologies to anyone who may feel uncomfortable with what we’re about to post.
There is currently an “Enterprise” trending on SNS and the general web with ties to a business run by relatives of DKZ’s KyoungYoon. After speaking with members of the family and KyoungYoon himself, he told us that before the news about the a forementioned “Enterprise” had spread, he knew it as nothing more than a regular church that his parents used to attend. Before the news broke, he’d never seen anything to suggest such actions, therefore being left unaware.
After learning of their true nature and watching the documentary, he could not contain his horror. The business his family had run in collusion with the ‘enterprise’ immediately shut down, and they firmly stated that any and all ties with said “Enterprise” in the present or future would be cut.
They mentioned it was a business that was loved by many, and that they were ashamed of their inability to properly assess what was going on around them. To quote, “While ignorance cannot be used as an excuse, I ask that you withhold your excessive comments and claims saying I did this for the benefit of those people, as I do not even have the slightest desire to defend my crimes.”
We apologize once again to anyone who felt uncomfortable due to this situation, and we promise to support and nurture KyoungYoon to be a thoughtful artist that always pays close attention to what’s happening right under his nose.
Thank you.
DONGYO Entertainment

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