CRAVITY Unveils Their 5th Mini Album “MASTER : PIECE” With Energetic Music Video And Self-Produced Songs

Yesterday (March 6), CRAVITY has released their long-awaited 5th mini album, “MASTER : PIECE.” Recognized by Variety as a promising and emerging group, this album marks their first release of 2023. With each of the nine members fitting together like a puzzle, they have produced an impeccable masterpiece.

CRAVITY Official

The album has a lot of lively energy and expresses emotions that people can relate to. Rappers SeRim and Allen have collaborated on several tracks to contribute to the lyrics, and WooBin, the lead vocalist, has included his second self-composed song in the album. Additionally, even Exy from WJSN has contributed to the lyrics on the 5th track, ‘A to Z’.

Haven’t seen the music video of the lead track ‘GROOVY’ yet? Check it out here.

The lead track ‘GROOVY’ combines electro-funk vibes with 2000s Pop, and its theme is “ultimate freedom.” The music video showcases CRAVITY’s youthful energy with vibrant visuals and various colors, taking you on a journey to find a missing puzzle piece. CRAVITY’s message is that each of us is the main character in our own lives, both in reality and on TV, and we have the boundless potential to become whoever we desire. The album carries the message of love, hope, and dreams, which come together to form the keyword “empathy.” The desire to follow one’s true passion is not only a common experience for young people, but it is also how CRAVITY creates its distinctive team identity.

CRAVITY Unveils Their 5th Mini Album "MASTER : PIECE" With Energetic Music Video And Self-Produced Songs

CRAVITY Official

The album contains six songs, with rappers SeRim and Allen contributing lyrics to tracks ‘GROOVY’, ‘FLY’, ‘Get Lifted’, and ‘Baddie’. Lead vocalist WooBin also contributed to writing the lyrics for ‘Baddie’ and ‘Light the Way’. ‘Light the Way’ is WooBin’s second self-composed song for a CRAVITY album and was inspired by seeing their fans cheering for him on stage. The lyrics of ‘FLY’ encourage you to act confidently and set high goals for yourself. ‘Get Lifted’ is a mix of Hip-Hop and Rock that showcases CRAVITY’s powerful energy. ‘Baddie’ has a unique sound with various instruments playing on the kaleidoscopic beat. Finally, ‘A to Z’ is a pop song about wanting to know everything about someone. “MASTER : PIECE” is a collaborative work of nine voices and one story that opens up new possibilities for everyone.

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