BTS j-hope’s BT21 Character MANG Is Unveiling His True Self Through “INSIDE MANG: THE NEW UNIVERSE” Series

IPX has announced that “MANG”, a character from the popular “BT21” IP created in collaboration with BTS, is soon to surprise fans worldwide! The BT21 franchise features eight unique characters, with each BTS member contributing to their initial sketches and the development of the IP’s universe and character stories.

Earlier this year, j-hope hinted at a major surprise in store for MANG. In keeping with this theme, the first episode of “INSIDE MANG: THE NEW UNIVERSE”, featuring j-hope, was recently released on BT21’s official YouTube channel on last March 3rd. The series will chronicle MANG’s quest to uncover his true identity, which has been concealed behind a mask for the past six years.

Check out the first episode of the series here:

MANG is an BT21 character created by j-hope himself. MANG is a talented dancer and a natural performer who exudes charisma and humor both on and off stage. This was demonstrated through MANG’s amazing dance moves and witty banter during YouTube Live Shows. In 2021, MANG made a surprise appearance as a one-day DJ for the BT21 official YouTube channel’s LIVE broadcast, hosting “MANG’s CHIT-CHAT CLUB”, which attracted over 27,000 Millennial and Gen Z viewers worldwide. The event was met with incredible fanfare, and it’s worth noting that even global celebrities such as Halsey and North West count themselves among MANG’s fans.

Missed “MANG’s CHIT-CHAT CLUB”? You can also watch here: