BT21 Officially Changed Mang’s Data For The New Unmasked Era

Some details sound familiar!

Recently, BTS J-Hope‘s BT21 character Carry teased an exciting new era. After years of wearing a mask, the time has come for a face reveal!

Mang teasing at a face reveal | @BT21_/Twitter

| @BT21_/Twitter

In a brand new video, Mang revealed his true face and used the mask as a bandana.

The results? Maximum cuteness!

Now, the official BT21 website has updated his information and photos to reflect this new era! Mang’s new profile photo is now a GIF of him taking the mask on and off, showing his bright and adorable smile.

The information is slightly altered to show a new side of him, emphasizing his super cute facial expressions that we can now see.

Expressive faced dancing machine MANG

Always carrying around a mysterious mask,

you can only see Mang’s cute heart smile without the mask on.

#mask #heartshapemouth #bestdancer #puffycheeks

— BT21

| BT21

Mang retains his original identity while incorporating even more of what fans love about J-Hope. Originally, Mang’s mask features a heart-shaped nose to represent J-Hope’s smile. Now, without the mask, he has the same #heartshapemouth as his dad!

BTS’s J-Hope | @Buttercup_Jhope/Twitter

Of course, both Mang and J-Hope are known as the #bestdancerso not much has changed there!

Finally, they share the same matching #puffycheeks!

This new update to Mang’s story is perfect — and totally makes us think of J-Hope!

Check out the full exciting face reveal video below.

Finally, BTS J-Hope’s BT21 Character Mang Took Off The Mask