8 Celebrities Who Named BLACKPINK's Jennie As Their Ideal Type

8 Celebrities Who Named BLACKPINK’s Jennie As Their Ideal Type

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is so loved, fellow celebrities and fans often name her as their ideal type. Check out some of the moments below when various people picked her as their true ideal type!

1. Caelan Moriarty

Japanese-Cuban singer Caelan Moriarty is always vocal about his love for Jennie and became known for writing her as his ideal type and saying he wants to marry her.

2. Swings

Rapper Swings recently confessed he would like to date Jennie and even yelled “BLACKPINK’s Jennie is dating me!” from a rooftop to help manifest his dream!

3. Lim Hyo Jun

Olympic Gold Medalist Lim Hyo Jun once confessed he’s a big fan of BLACKPINK and specifically loves Jennie.

I enjoy listening to the song “As If It’s Your last” by BLACKPINK. I really like Jennie. I’m a fan. *Blushes*

— Lim Hyo Jun

4. “The Skip Dating”

Jennie was mentioned as a contestant’s ideal type on a reality dating show, “The Skip Dating.”

5. Shine Teen YouTube

A Korean teen mentioned Jennie as his ideal type.

6. Lee Mujin

Singer Lee Mujin played the “ideal type” game and ended up picking Jennie as his final choice.

7. LIT TV YouTube

In this “Korean rappers react” video, the hosts fell for Jennie’s charms.

8. Bonus: Lisa!

Lisa mentioned Jennie as her ideal type of woman for being sexy and lovable.