5 Performances That Showcase P1Harmony KeeHo's Stunning Vocals

5 Performances That Showcase P1Harmony KeeHo’s Stunning Vocals

Social media algorithms have gotten extremely smart over the years. So as K-Pop fans, the suggested posts, reels, TikToks, and etc. that we see while scrolling is more than likely content from various idol groups and their members. And you cannot scroll through social media sites without seeing a clip or two of P1Harmony’s KeeHo.

The P1Harmony leader is pure comedic gold, providing heaps of laughter to fans and non-fans alike. He is a rising icon of the MZ generation, known for his witty banter and vibrant personality. He could very well become the next variety superstar. But we cannot forget about his original profession: because first and foremost, KeeHo is a K-Pop idol. As funny as he is, his vocals are absolutely incredible, deserving of all the love and praise.

So in between giggling at KeeHo’s hilarious clips, check out these performances that showcase the idol’s impressive vocals.

1. Girl Group Hit Song Medley

It’s always a special treat when male idols cover female idol songs and vice versa! KeeHo certainly did not disappoint and added his own special flair to the chart-topping songs. He doesn’t perform the choreography to any of the tracks, but his alluring vocals and piercing gaze are more than enough to make things memorable. We would love to see KeeHo cover more girl group songs in the future!

2. Adele – ‘When We Were Young’ Cover

Adele is well-known for her gut-wrenching tracks, imbuing every note with a hint of sadness that you cannot shake off. This makes every Adele song a challenge in itself, but KeeHo shows that he’s confident in his singing ability — and that confidence is well-deserved. As short as this clip might be, it highlights his impressive vocal range and ability to bring out those deep-rooted emotions, just like Adele. Oh the chills we felt while listening to this cover!

3. (G)I-DLE – ‘Tomboy’ Cover

If the portion he covered for 1theK was only the appetizer, then this is the unbelievably delicious main dish. He crushes it from start to finish, with the fashion of a rock band vocalist. That lofty, passionate rock spirit is absolutely present in his gestures and carefree attitude. What’s more, the P1Harmony leader gave fans a glimpse of his impressive rap skills. Seriously, what can the idol not do?

4. CNBLUE – ‘Then, Now and Forever’ Cover

KeeHo is great on his own, but he shines even brighter with his members by his side. They do this song complete justice and put on a mesmerizing performance for all to enjoy. Among KeeHo’s parts, he treats us to his usual honey-like vocals, along with a refreshing high note and falsetto. This cover might be short, but you’ll find yourself hitting the replay button endlessly.

5. John Legend – ‘All Of Me’ Cover

John Legend is, well, a legend. Not only does he have a stellar voice, but carries soul that isn’t easy to replicate. However, KeeHo definitely deserves some praise for his rendition of the iconic track. His singing is emotional and heartfelt, leaving everyone in awe, even his fellow groupmates. If you look up the definition of vocalist, KeeHo’s face will surely be there as an example!

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