4 Reasons Why We’re Stanning Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Sister, Hannah Bahng

You’re missing out if you only know her as Bang Chan’s sister.

Stray Kidsbang chan is well-loved by fans for his kindhearted personality and incredible talents.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

But Bang Chan isn’t the only member of his family with a devoted following. His younger sister Hannah Bahng also boasts over three million followers on TikTok, over one million on her YouTube channel, and almost two million on her Instagram. And for good reason.

Hannah Bahng | @hannahhbahng/Instagram

Although Hannah has shared in the past that she doesn’t want to become an idol, she is pursuing a music career while also sharing content that highlights her great sense of humor.

A long, long time ago, I did want to become an idol, so I don’t want to become an idol anymore. Because I just don’t think it’s for me you know…

— Hannah Bahng

Here are four reasons we’re stanning Hannah Bahng.

1. Her vocal skill

Even though Hannah doesn’t want to become an idol, she has shared with fans that she aspires to go down a similar path as Lyn Lapid and Conan Graywho got noticed through social media and both got signed to Republic Records. Like them, Hannah hopes for more creative freedom in her music career.

Hannah Bahng recording a cover of Dean’s “instagram” | hannah bahng/YouTube

So Hannah continually shows off her astounding vocal talent through vocal covers, like her recent cover of NewJeans‘ song “Ditto.”

Or her cover of Billie Eilish‘s “Lost Cause.”

2. Her charisma while performing

Aside from having an angelic voice, Hannah also boasts dance skills. She recently went viral at one of Stray Kids’ MANIAC world tour concerts when, despite not remembering the choreography, she impressed fans with her charisma while dancing to “God’s Menu.”

Hannah has also uploaded videos of her dancing on TikTok, showing off her dynamic energy.

| @hannahbahhng/TikTok


late do da trend again but what’s new LOL

♬ ZOOM – Jessi

| @hannahbahhng/TikTok


found this in my #drafts LOL


And she has even uploaded a dance cover to her YouTube channel, demonstrating that she has the technique to match her confidence.

3. Her humor

A major part of why fans love Hannah’s content is her great sense of humor. Hannah isn’t afraid to let her personality shine through in her videos and comments.

And even embraces unintentional moments as humorous content she can share with her fans.


was trying to have my true beauty moment but a car came LMAO

♬ Okay Dokey – MINO & ZICO

4. Her personality

Not only do fans love Hannah’s sense of humor, but she has continually shown her kindhearted personality. She often replies to comments left on her social media, showing her appreciation for their support. And when she’s interacted with fans in person they’ve had nothing but the best things to say about their experience.

You can read more about Hannah here.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan’s Sister Hannah Doesn’t Plan To Become An Idol But Is Making A Name For Herself In Her Own Way