25+ Gorgeous HD Photos From SEVENTEEN's "Super" Stage At "Inkigayo" That Will Make You Swoon

25+ Gorgeous HD Photos From SEVENTEEN’s “Super” Stage At “Inkigayo” That Will Make You Swoon

Truly a group of all-visuals!

SEVENTEEN is in the middle of promoting their latest title track, “Super”, off of their new album FML. They recently performed the new song on Inkigayoand as always, the members put on an incredible show!

Each of the 13 members bring their own aura, charisma, and energy to their performances, and they really show in the individual pictures of each of them. Here are 25+ HD images from the group’s recent Inkigayo performance of “Super” that you won’t want to miss!

1. S.Coups

The SEVENTEEN leader’s multi-colored contacts, edgy makeup, and overall dark styling gave him an intense look for this performance.

2. Jeonghan

Fans are in love with the return of Jeonghan’s long hair, especially with the fun styling it was given for this stage!

3. Joshua

Joshua’s blue contacts and gold details in his makeup really made him stand out visually during this performance!

4. Jun

Jun’s styling was a bit more subtle than some other members, but with his naturally handsome visuals, he still captivates an audience.

5. Hoshi

SEVENTEEN’s performance king Hoshi brought a lot of fire and energy to the “Super” stage that makes him a captivating presence that’s impossible to ignore!

6. Wonwoo

Wonwoo’s short-cropped hair for this era of SEVENTEEN’s music has his fans falling even harder for him than they already were!

7. Woozi

SEVENTEEN’s beloved producer Woozi suits the concept of “Super” incredibly well, and his parts in the song are legendary!

8. DK

Another member with more subtle styling, DK stands out in the large K-Pop group with his golden vocals that never fail to awe us.

9. Mingyu

It’s not just Mingyu’s tall height that makes him stand out on stage, but his powerful presence dominates whenever he’s in center!

10. The8

The8 is no stranger to more unique and experimental styles and looks, and his appearance for this performance were no exception!

11. Seungkwan

Like DK, Seungkwan doesn’t need anything flashy or dramatic to make his presence known with his beautiful vocals that seem to come easily to him.

12. Vernon

The charismatic rapper Vernon looked fantastic with his lavender-colored hair and always-handsome visuals for this stage!

13. Dino

Dino definitely pulled off the fake lip ring trend well with this look, especially paired with his dramatic blond hair.