YouTuber Under Fire For “Sexist” And “Hypercritical” Comments Made About A Girl Group’s Event

YouTuber Under Fire For “Sexist” And “Hypercritical” Comments Made About A Girl Group’s Event

YouTuber Under Fire For “Sexist” And “Hypercritical” Comments Made About A Girl Group’s Event

Many fans were uncomfortable with his “sexist” comment.

Recently, a YouTuber came under fire for comments made about the newly debuted group Loossemble‘s debut event.

Loossemble are a girl group comprised of five members of LOONA — ViviHyunjinGowonHyeju, and Yeojin.  After the group’s groundbreaking legal win left all twelve members free of their company, Blockberry Creative, many signed somewhere else to continue their careers.

LOONA | Blockberry Creative

Before their official debut, LOOSSEMBLE were already planning to hit the ground running, announcing a US Debut Ceremony tour.

In what was probably the least time between debut and tour, LOOSEMBLE made their official debut on September 15 and began the tour the same day.



While many fans were excited to see the group return to the United States, although in a different form, it is expected that not everyone would be satisfied with the experience.

However, one concert reviewer has left fans with a bad taste in their mouths over his comments.

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In a video titled LOONA Assemble: Loossemble’s K-Pop “Concert” SCAM, YouTuber SWAYNAMI detailed his experience at the group’s New York date.

While some of his complaints could be valid, like showing confusion over the ticket saying the event was LOONA rather than Loossemble, many fans felt most of his complaints would have been solved by an online search, like not understanding the event was not meant to be a full concert.


Of all his thoughts on the event, one stood out to fans for what many called its “sexist” nature. During the show, Loossemble did a segment of random dances, common for fan meeting-type events.

While talking about this, SWAYNAMI said that while the dance segment was fun, if he “wanted to watch hot Asian girls dance to K-Pop,” he could have just scrolled on TikTok instead.

Near the end of the video, he states that he “feels bad” for LOONA fans who were “tricked” into attending and that the entire event felt like a “cash grab.”

Several video clips garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok. In the original video’s comments, fans expressed their thoughts on the “hypercritical” video.


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