Yoo JaeSuk brings new endorphins in the upcoming SBS show ‘Whenever Possible,’ set to premiere in April.

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SBS is ready to open a new chapter in variety shows. The program ‘Whenever Possible,’ with its unique concept, is scheduled to bring new vitality to viewers’ daily lives this April. This fresh road variety show embarks on a journey to find that precious ‘gap’ in our busy lives, a brief moment of leisure. Here, the professional team of ‘Whenever Possible,’ plans to visit citizens selected through applications and gift them special luck during their gap time.

The charm of ‘Whenever Possible,’ doesn’t stop at just gifting luck. With Yoo JaeSuk confirmed as a key member of the program, his wit and humor, along with his warm humanity, raise greater expectations among viewers. Yoo JaeSuk has previously worked with Choi Bopil PD on ‘Running Man,’ and their reunion is already gathering buzz. Additionally, the collaboration with writer Chae Jina, known for ‘Siren: Island of Fire’ and ‘Backspirit,’ raises anticipation for the unique charm this new variety show will present.

Starting February 29th, ‘SBS’ officially begins recruiting for ‘gap’ time through its official SNS account. Anyone can apply for their ‘gap’ time, whether it’s a short break between work or a leisurely moment after a busy day. Selected participants will be given an unforgettable special day with Yoo JaeSuk and the professional team.

The much-anticipated SBS show for the first half of 2024, ‘Whenever Possible,’ carries a message beyond simple entertainment, aiming to find small happiness even in busy daily lives. The program, which will premiere in April, is expected to provide viewers with new experiences and emotions. ‘Whenever Possible,’ is not just about enjoying a brief moment of leisure but discovering and re-evaluating the value of precious moments in everyday life. This new beginning is something to look forward to, and we can’t wait to see how it develops.