Yoo Ah In′s Representatives Suggest His "Needle Phobia" Led To Propofol Abuse

Yoo Ah In′s Representatives Suggest His “Needle Phobia” Led To Propofol Abuse

Netizens ripped into the statement with counter-arguments.

According to new reports, actor Yoo Ah In frequently administered propofol despite medical professionals warning him against it.

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On March 2, a report by MBC claimed a dermatology clinic at Seocho-gu confirmed that Yoo Ah In received treatment there in 2021 but didn’t provide any other detail except the clarification that they provide anesthesia for patients only when they are in pain.

In 2021 alone, the actor administered propofol 73 times, totaling 4,497 ml. He visited different hospitals in Seoul to access this amount of drug. The police suspect that he exaggerated his pain to get anesthesia through propofol.

Media Reveals Yoo Ah In Injected The Drug Propofol 73 Times In One Year

The medical staff at the clinics reportedly tried to steer Yoo Ah In away from his excessive propofol use. A healthcare professional even personally sent him a text warning him against getting anesthesia so frequently and switching hospitals so much.

Medical staff are also concerned about frequent propofol administration.

—MBC News Desk

Medical staff: You shouldn’t receive too much anesthesia.

Medical staff: You shouldn’t switch hospitals.

—MBC News Desk

A representative from the actor’s side responded to the reports saying that Yoo Ah In suffers from needle phobia, which made him request anesthesia during procedures.

He has a phobia of needles because he has been struggling with a skin condition and so he requested anesthesia for the treatments.

—Yoo Ah In’s representative

But this statement has hardly swayed the public’s opinion about Yoo Ah In’s drug abuse. The actor was recently revealed to have abused four different types of drugs, including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. Netizens pointed out that his needle phobia is a weak excuse to justify the propofol abuse, and it doesn’t even explain the rest of the drugs found in his system.

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  • “They want us to believe a druggie has a phobia of needles.. ㅎㅎㅎ.”
  • “Sure, the excuse makes sense for propofol while treating his skin disease, but how are you going to explain the cocaine, marijuana, and ketamine? It’s not shieldable…”
  • “He’s been staying quiet all this time just to put out ‘needle phobia’ as his explanation… I’m pretty sure anesthesia is administered with a needle. I always thought he was a confident and honest person, so it’s disappointing that this was the best excuse he could come up with. Does he take us for fools…It would’ve been better for him to just come clean at this point…He’s a coward at the end of the day. So disappointed in him…”
  • “So he’s only scared of some needles? Not all? Because anesthesia is administered with a needle as well… His excuse is not very well thought out, tsk tsk.”
  • “What’s his excuse for smoking marijuana, then? Phobia of cigarettes?”
  • “Since his cocaine issue came to light, it was already over for him. All excuses are now useless.”