X:IN Are Ready To Make Their Return With Second Mini-Album “THE REAL”

There’s no doubt that Triple iz are only increasing in popularity — and they have yet to make their official debut. Formed before the end of 2023, the multinational girl group has been making regular uploads onto their social media platforms. And just last week, they started their very own reality program, “Triple iz: Road To Debut“. New episodes are released every Wednesday KST on social metaverse platform ifland.

You can visit Triple iz on ifland here.

The reality program follows the three members, Dita (SECRET NUMBER), E.Ji (ICHILLIN’), and Aria (X:IN). They share what it’s like being part of such an ambitious girl group that’s set to take the world by storm.

Now, with that being said, let’s talk more about episode 2 of “Triple iz: Road To Debut” down below.


The First Physical Meeting Between Members

Episode 2 started off with some much welcomed excitement as the three members were finally able to meet in person. While they started off a bit awkward and shy, it didn’t take too long for the idols to warm up to each other. Despite all three being introverts, they possessed such bright and bubbly personalities that would have anyone smiling from ear to ear.

They expressed just how excited they were to finally meet and discover who their members were in person. Even viewers at home could notice a glint of wonder in their eyes, taking in the reality that Triple iz is finally happening. Seeing their smiling faces as they greeted each other provides confidence in those watching that Triple iz’s trajectory will only be up from here.


Question Time With Triple iz

While their joy to finally be together is apparent, there’s still a bit of awkwardness in the air. Considering this, the Triple iz members are provided the opportunity to ask various questions to get to know each other.

From the questionnaire session the three are able to form a closer bond by learning some key points about one another. Some of the things they learn is Aria’s love for spicy food, E.Ji’s favorite food being bread, and Dita choosing fried chicken as the one food she would eat for the rest of her life. It gave a deeper look into the Triple iz members’ preferences and how well they matched when it came to their food choices.

After talking about food, they quickly moved onto first experiences. What the members named were anything but ordinary, as Dita mentioned bungee jumping, Aria talked about being a child actress, and E.Ji touched upon the hoops she went through to audition to be an idol.

Individually, they’ve amassed incredible experience to meet the world as a multinational girl group. With their strengths and skills they’ve built up over the years, their charms are absolutely endless and only seem to evolve as time goes on.


Leader Talk And Group Positions

It’s common for every K-Pop group to have members in varying positions and Triple iz is no exception. The three members discuss their focus areas in their respective groups. While they could continue in these roles for Triple iz, they also talk about the roles they’d like to take on. It will be interesting to see a different side of these idols as they promote together under one team name.

They also talk about Triple iz having a leader. While they joke around about having the maknae fill this role, they share a similar sentiment that as long as they are able find harmony in working together, there would be no need for a leader. While leaders can at times be a central figure, with all three members having a hand at guiding the group, Triple iz is sure to take a unique path, becoming a one-of-a-kind girl group in K-Pop history.


Triple iz Identity

For any group, they need to have a clear identity in order to stand out from the vast sea of their idol colleagues. During the second episode of “Triple iz: Road To Debut”, the three members try their best to draw a logo to best represent the group. With the help of a professional designer, their ideas come to life and they’re able to quickly come to a consensus on which one to use.

Shortly after deciding on a logo, the members talk about the types of music they’d like to pursue as together. From upbeat to girl crush, there’s no doubt that Triple iz will be able to execute any genre they’re given. In order to complete their initial preparations before hitting the practice room, the girl group gets to hear four different tracks that staff prepared beforehand. Although the tracks aren’t revealed to prevent any spoilers, the members’ reactions are enough to get a feel of each one.

While they had good things to say about each song, the fourth and last left a huge impression on them all. Just like with the logo, they reached a quick consensus and ultimately chose the fourth and last track as the song they’d want to perform. Fans can’t help but feel a rush of excitement as they now enter the waiting period to hear the song that captivated Triple iz to their core.


First Place Promises

It’s every artist’s dream to win first place for a music show broadcast. Triple iz are no strangers to this as they also hope for a music show win. Although their debut is still some time away, they still imagine winning the trophy and what they can do afterwards. They talk about a variety of ideas including bungee jumping, serving fans at a cafe, and having an exhibition to create a meaningful experience for all.

Seeing their overflowing ambition and desire to get that coveted music show win makes one strive to help the girls in whatever way possible. Now, all that’s left is for Triple iz to debut and fans across the world are sure to be more than willing to help them achieve their goals.

Seeing the members come together for the first time serves as both a time of excitement and a healing experience every fan needed. As we journey together with Triple iz, we cannot wait to see them grow and evolve as artists all throughout this process.

Don’t forget, you can always visit the members’ individual ifhomes on ifland, via DitaE.Ji, and Aria.

You can also follow their official group ifhome for more updates and future episodes.

Are you excited to continue on this journey with Triple iz?