Will Park Yeon Jin Die In Netflix's "The Glory"? Clues Point To Part 2's Ending

Will Park Yeon Jin Die In Netflix’s “The Glory”? Clues Point To Part 2’s Ending

“Dear Park Yeon Jin…”

On March 10th, the sword dance between Moon Dong Eun and Park Yeon Jin continues in Part 2 of The Glory. Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) drew first blood, but who will survive this deadly duel?

Song Hye Kyo (top) and Lim Ji Yeon | Netflix

In Part 1, Dong Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) set her intricate revenge plot into motion, manipulating her high school bullies like pieces on a Go board. In another genre, love interest Joo Yeo Jeong (played by Lee Do Hyun) would be Dong Eun’s knight in shining armor, but as she told him in Part 1, “What I need is not a prince, but a headsman who will join me in the sword dance.”

Lee Do Hyun (left)

After initially trying to persuade Dong Eun to follow a different path, Yeo Jeong agrees to be the executioner she needs. Having seen the damage Dong Eun’s tormentors inflicted on her body and soul, Yeo Jeong asks, “Who do you want me to kill first?”

Fast forward to Part 2. It’s unclear if Yeo Jeong will help Dong Eun “kill” enemies by destroying their lives or actually taking them, but the trailers for Part 2 offer hints.

| Netflix

Some revenge thrillers end with villains in handcuffs, but given how much influence and power Yeon Jin has, it’s unlikely she will be sentenced for her crimes, let alone pay for them in prison. It’s more likely that Yeon Jin will suffer hell on earth at Dong Eun’s hands until those hands take her final breath away.

The sword dance Dong Eun spoke of in Part 1 is alluded to repeatedly in Part 2’s trailers. In Netflix’s final trailer, this is the first shot we see of Yeon Jin. Unlike Dong Eun, who rarely, if ever, wears jewelry, this wealthy weatherwoman often wears expensive earrings.

This particular pair closely resembles both a cross and a sword: two important symbols in The Glory. They also dangle at her neck, where an executioner’s sword would land. Could these earrings be foreshadowing Yeo Jin’s impending death?

A literal sword dance can also be seen briefly in the trailer while Dong Eun and Yeon Jin watch in the background.

Dong Eun, who stayed calm and collected in Part 1, will reach an emotional breaking point in Part 2, which suggests her plans might not work out the way she imagined. What if Yeon Jin is the victor after all? (Let’s hope not!)

Fans have plenty of theories for how The Glory will end, some more probable than others. What are yours?