What Happens When 3 Fourth-Generation Boy Groups Livestream At The Same Time?

What Happens When 3 Fourth-Generation Boy Groups Livestream At The Same Time?

What Happens When 3 Fourth-Generation Boy Groups Livestream At The Same Time?

It’s every multi-stan’s dream!

For K-Pop fans, especially those who like a number of bands, the best thing to happen is when these groups interact with each other. Three idols from three different groups went live but treated fans to some adorable interactions.

ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung started a live broadcast with fans talking about everything from their comeback, TMI, and much more.

During the broadcast, Wooyoung received a phone call, and it was from none other than TXT‘s Yeonjun. It is no secret that the two are good friends and have spoken about each other on several occasions.

Yeonjun appears to tell Wooyoung that he is sexy, adding, “It feels like you guys are showing yourselves better now. It suits you really well. you’re so sexy.” It made the ATEEZ member blush and start laughing adorably. 

The two then discussed the upcoming ATEEZ comeback, with Yeonjun saying, “Darling, let me know when it comes out.” Wooyoung then told him it was September 13 (2021), and Yeonjun explained that it was also the same date as his birthday, which seemed like a surprise.

After thinking that Wooyoung didn’t know his birthday, Yeonjun was then tested on his knowledge of birthdays. However, he also seemed to struggle as it took a few seconds to remember the date or, as Wooyoung thought, search it on the internet.

If that wasn’t cute enough, Soobin was also doing a live broadcast that day and decided to tune into ONEUS Keonhee‘s VLIVE, where he was studying English. However, Soobin didn’t want fans to let Keonhee know!

What was cute was, after fans started spamming Keonhee’s chat, Soobin switched off. When someone told Keonhee, he seemed very confused by what was happening. But later on, he listened to TXT’s newest song while studying, and that was enough for fans of both groups!

In the past, fans have found the relationship between Keonhee and Soobin adorable. From Keonhee explaining how Soobin mistook him as their manager and Soobin adding that he was friends with ONEUS in his mind, netizens have been dying for more interactions from the two!

With so many friendships between the members of TXT and other groups, it is exciting to see them interact during music shows when they have comebacks together! You can watch the whole interaction between Soobin and Keonhee below.