Viral Dating Show Contestant Finds Love After The Show — But It’s Not Who Netizens Expected

Viral Dating Show Contestant Finds Love After The Show — But It’s Not Who Netizens Expected

Viral Dating Show Contestant Finds Love After The Show — But It’s Not Who Netizens Expected

Ok Soon (pseudonym) from the popular dating reality show I Am Solo Season 16 has found love after the show.

Ok Soon | @elizabeth0912i/Instagram

ENA and SBS Plus‘s I Am Solo season 16 took Korea by storm these past few months, as viewers sat at the edge of their seats while contestants fought and flirted with one another. The show consists of single men and women who spend four nights and five days together to find love. They are given pseudonyms and only reveal their real names in the final episode when they choose their match.

“I Am Solo” poster | Netflix

Season 16 was a “divorced singles” special where all the participants were divorced or widowed singles. This season is the most popular season of the show yet because of the drama among participants both on and off-screen.

Ok Sun (top) confronts Young Suk for falsely blaming her and demands an apology. | ENA and SBS Plus

One of the most popular contestants who was in the middle of all the drama was Ok Soon. On the show, she was gentle and sweet and had the interest of many men. However, she showed interest in Kwang Soo because he persistently pursued her and blatantly showed his interest. Later in the show, drama unfolded, and she moved on from Kwang Soo.

Ok Soon (left) and Kwang Soo (right) | ENA and SBS Plus

After the show ended on October 4, many people were curious about how the I Am Solo Season 16 participants were doing. The members did a live stream where they watched the finale episode together, creating an awkward atmosphere for some people involved in drama. Ok Soon did not attend this reunion, which made netizens even more curious about her whereabouts.

“I Am Solo” Season 16 reunion livestream | Chonjang Entertainment TV/YouTube

However, on October 17, she surprised people with an announcement with a single photo on her Instagram story. The photo showed a colorful bouquet of flowers and a postcard with the words “I love you,” and the sender’s initials were only revealed as “J,” arousing curiosity among netizens.


The photo spread through online communities and social media, and many netizens speculated that the owner of the initials “J” was Kwang Soo, considering his real name starts with a J.

As the photo started gaining more buzz, Ok Soon revealed who “J” was. On the same day as the original post, she posted the same picture again—but this time, there was a caption that clarified the situation.


I am currently back in contact with someone I used to love.

— Ok Soon

Netizens expressed various reactions, such as “I thought things were going well with Kwang Soo, but she’s with someone else,” “It’s great that she met a good person,” and “I hope everyone finds a beautiful relationship.”

Although she is meeting someone unrelated to I Am Solo, Ok Soon still keeps in touch with Kwang Soo. She often posts pictures with him and others, and they recently did a livestream together, which excited I Am Solo fans.

“I Am Solo” Season 15’s Young Chul and Season 16’s Kwang Soo and Ok Soon (left to right) | @elizabeth0912i/Instagram

After the success of I Am Solo Season 16, many are excited for Season 17, which premiered on October 11.