TWICE’s Momo Was Photobombed At The Airport In An Unexpectedly Wholesome Way

TWICE‘s Momo just got photobombed by an unlikely person!

On September 18, Momo visited Incheon airport to catch a flight to Italy for Milan Fashion Week.

TWICE’s Momo

As is customary with K-Pop idols, she first posed and waved to the many reporters gathered before entering the building.

In the midst of this impromptu photo session, she was interrupted by a random little girl! The innocent child was clearly excited to see the TWICE member. She rushed to the entrance—right in the view of the cameras—in order to get an unobstructed look at her idol.

She only stayed in the area for a second before running back outside. The bodyguard of the K-Pop idol signaled for her to join the line at the side which she followed obediently.

Her mother was then spotted chasing after her K-Pop-loving daughter, something ONCEs found adorable.

They also loved how the child dropped everything, even fleeing from her mother, all for Momo’s sake.

Fan could relate to the fact that “the kid has priorities” as they, too, would love to see Momo up close.

They noticed that the little girl displayed good manners as well. Though she was clearly excited to meet her idol, she quickly realized that it wasn’t right to stand behind her while cameras were taking photos. She instead waited quietly at the side while Momo did her job.

TWICE’s Momo is attending Milan Fashion Week SS 2024 on September 20 for Onitsuka Tiger.