TWICE Hilariously Leaves Sana Hanging At The “2023 Billboard Women In Music Awards”

Their face expressions are everything!

On March 1, TWICE attended the 2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards, where they not only gave a stunning performance of “Moonlight Sunrise” but accepted the “Breakthrough Award.”


American actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter announced TWICE’s “Breakthrough Award,” and the members gracefully made their way to the stage.

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Chaeyoung and Tzuyu gave a beautiful speech in English while the other members stood around them in support.

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They also amazed audiences with their performance of “Moonlight Sunrise.”

Afterward, TWICE interviewed with Billboard’s staff writer Rania Aniftos and spoke about how it felt to be “the first Korean act to be honored at this ceremony” and what it was like having Sabrina Carpenter present their award.

TWICE (left) and Rania Aniftos (right) | Billboard

When asked the question, “How do you stay strong as a group?” while discussing female support and being a girl group,  Sana answered the question with a heartwarming answer: “We spent time together ever since we were trainees, but once we debuted, we spent so much more time together. We’ve seen each other’s emotions up close and personally, so we are able to understand each other better now. And now we’re closer than family and can’t be without one another.

Sana answering a question | Billboard

Then Sana played a game of “Hot Potatoes” by herself as she tried to pass the microphone to other members—but they all left her hanging.

Sana trying to pass the mic | Billboard

Here is a closer look at this quick but adorable moment.

Fans responded to this funny moment with hilarious comments.

Source: Billboard/YouTube and @pinkot9/Twitter