Troye Sivan Spills On How His Collaboration With Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And PinkPantheress Happened In Less Than A Month

Fans have been anticipating a collaboration between Australian singer-songwriter and actor Troye Sivan and Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin since Sivan began posting TikToks about the K-Pop idol.

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This summer, Sivan shocked netizens when he reposted a fan edit of Hyunjin on his TikTok account. He captioned it, “Anyone know how to reach this man :///”


Anyone know how to reach this man :///

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

Many STAYs (Stray Kids fans) teased Sivan, telling him to subscribe to Hyunjin’s bubble for JYPNation (a subscription-based app where you can message your favorite K-Pop idol). Sivan responded to some of their comments, too.

| @troyesivan/TikTok
| @troyesivan/TikTok

It took another unexpected turn when Troye Sivan posted an “update” to TikTok, writing, “That’s the last time i publically crush on a K-Pop star i almost got murdered.” He also explained in an interview that he received death threats.


Put. That. Douwn.

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

Despite this, Sivan was still interested in potentially collaborating with Sivan. He told an interviewer, “That would be so sick. I would do that in a heartbeat.”

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So, when Troye Sivan duetted a fancam of Hyunjin performing Stray Kids’ “S-Class, saying, “Wow absolutely love this guy. Would to sing w him one day,” STAYs were hopeful.


#duet with @kep1bts ✩ #hyunjin

♬ S-Class (Short Ver.) – Stray Kids

They pointed out that Sivan had similarly shared a TikTok of himself dancing to an unreleased song by PinkPantheress with the text, “Wow love this lady’s voice. Would love to sing w her one day,” overlaying. Later, she announced that she would be featured on the remix of Sivan’s song “Rush.”


It’s 8 oclock in the morning

♬ original sound – 😘🙈☺️

In the brief snippet that PinkPantheress shared, STAYs recognized what sounded like Hyunjin’s voice.

Additionally, STAYs discovered that producer Zhone, who has worked on “Rush,” also started following Hyunjin on Instagram.

So, it was no surprise yesterday when Troye Sivan officially announced on TikTok that PinkPantheress and Hyunjin would be featured on the remix of his song “Rush.” A cover art of the three singers’ silhouettes in pink was also shared.


@😘🙈☺️ @Stray Kids 9pm PT 8/30, 2pm Sydney 8/31, 1pm Seoul 8/31 🥲🫶 presave now

♬ Rush (feat. PinkPantheress & Hyunjin of Stray Kids) – Troye Sivan & PinkPantheress & Hyunjin

Now, Troye Sivan has revealed how the collaboration came to be.

Troye Sivan was interviewed on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation‘s Triple J radio station. The interviewer mentioned how it was just in July that Sivan had said he’d love to collaborate with Hyunjin. So, they asked, “How hard was it to keep this under wraps, especially with the millions of people around the world begging for it to happen?”

Sivan confessed that he actually didn’t know last month that Hyunjin would be featured on his song. The collab came together in less than a month.

So, it was actually really organic. I didn’t know then… This came together in the last few weeks because…

— Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan shared how he met both artists. He and PinkPantheress have met once at a party and hit it off.

PinkPantheress and I met once at just like a party. …I knew who she was. Of course, I don’t know if she had listened to my music. We had a really fun night, though. She’s so nice and so cool. And so we just had this like party night together basically.

— Troye Sivan

He met Hyunjin at Dua Lipa x Versace‘s “La Vacanza” 2023 Fashion Show in May. Sivan became an instant fan of Hyunjin’s. He even went down the infamous rabbit hole that every K-Pop stan knows all too well.

Then I met Hyunjin in France. We were at this fashion show, and I just kind of like went down the rabbit hole afterwards of watching videos, listening to the music, and then kind of simultaneously the conversations were happening, and then they both hopped on the song…

— Troye Sivan

Watch the interview clip below.

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