TRI.BE is shining on the global stage with their new release, “Diamond.”

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On February 23, 2024, TR Entertainment announced that TRI.BE’s fourth single “Diamond” achieved remarkable success on the global iTunes charts immediately upon its release. It secured the 1st position in Turkey and Austria, 2nd in Germany and the UK, and 3rd in Latvia, ranking within the top 50 in a total of 12 regions and capturing the hearts of music fans worldwide.

The album “Diamond” tells the journey of six girls from diverse backgrounds overcoming difficulties to find their true selves. The title track “Diamond” is characterized by its encouraging lyrics for moments when one wants to give up and its addictive melody. Other tracks in the album, such as “Run,” showcase TRI.BE’s diverse musical charm, offering listeners a new musical experience.

Following the release of this single, TRI.BE has been actively coming back on various music broadcasts. Their performances are filled with freshness and energy, raising anticipation for their future activities.

TRI.BE is receiving immense love both domestically and internationally, solidifying their position as a representative global K-pop group. Their endless challenges and growth are highly anticipated to bring astonishing results. With TRI.BE, we can all look forward to a brighter future.