TRENDZ Are Still On Their Way To Be Your Bias🥰 [ripple vol.1]

TRENDZ Are Still On Their Way To Be Your Bias🥰 [ripple vol.1]

TRENDZ Are Still On Their Way To Be Your Bias🥰 [ripple vol.1]

K-Pop idols’ fashion is always on point. Even if some can have quite extravagant styles, it is always undeniably fashionable. With their unique items and combinations, idols are a great source of inspiration to create outstanding outfits. No matter which fashion style or trend you like, you will surely find an idol that likes it too, and then you can easily follow their steps to get yourself those amazing looks.

But if we’re often looking up to worldwide known idols for that, there is in fact no need. Not because their fashion isn’t good, but simply because other smaller groups also have incredible fashion, and it would be a shame to miss it. That is, for example, the case of TRENDZ. They only debuted last year, but they’re slowly rising among other idols of the new generations. So don’t miss out on the chance to follow them from early on, and steal their fashion, because their music skills aren’t their only talent! Here are 7 pieces we’d love to steal from TRENDZ’s closet.

Note: this is not a ranking


1. YeChan’s leather jacket with designs

TRENDZ Official

YeChan has a quite basic fashion. Not in a bad way, of course, basic just means that he dresses simply, but he still looks good in it. Certainly, when you look good in everything, having a simple fashion with neutral colors can be a way to highlight your natural charms, and it is exactly what YeChan does. Yet this item is a bit special. This is probably one of the most detailed and unique pieces YeChan ever wore. This leather jacket with visible designs on it is a perfect item to wear for a party or a night out!


2. HaVit’s light brown cardigan

 7 Items We'd Love To Steal From TRENDZ's Closet

TRENDZ Official

Havit also has a soft and simple fashion, and it suits him very well. Havit might be the eldest, but he is also the cutest, so a cute fashion style is what suits him the best. Just like this light brown cardigan. Because of the woolen material of the piece, it already looks soft, but the way HaVit wears it in such a simple way, with a basic white T-shirt underneath is proof that his simple and cozy fashion is perfect for him. And if you’re similar to HaVit, this may also be the perfect style for you!


3. YoonWoo’s bicolor pair of jeans

YoonWoo has an ever-changing fashion style. So well, if your style is also unstable, you can follow YoonWoo’s fashion, he tried so many styles, and they all look stunning on him. Today we’re presenting you an item from some of his darkest styles, which is also quite unique. Indeed, his pair of pants is a gradation from black to green, with some white stains for the look. This is a very unique piece, and if green is not your color, you can try to customize a pair of black jeans with the color you wish!


4. EunIl’s adorable gummy T-shirt

EunIl usually doesn’t dress in cute clothes, but this item is super adorable. It may look like a simple T-shirt with a design on it, but if you take a close look, you will see that the design is one of gummy bears. And gummy bears are some of the cutest characters ever. So this T-shirt can be considered a cute item to wear. And especially if you reproduce EunIl’s entire style in this picture and style your hair with the cat ears, you’ll surely look even more adorable.


5. HanKook’s all-jean outfit

Many idols enjoy all-jeans outfits, and even in TRENDZ there is a member that particularly loves jeans, it is HanKook. In many selcas, you’ll see him wearing jackets, shirts, and pants all made out of jeans. So we wanted to share one HanKook’s favorite style, that also suits him perfectly, with an all-jean outfit. So of course, there is the classic pair of blue jeans, the best fashion is sometimes the most basic one. Then, he is also wearing a shirt, made out of jean material. The shirt is slightly darker than the pants’ shade of blue, but HanKook still looks as handsome as always.


6. Leon’s sexy pair of leather pants

Leather is often a material we associate with sexy clothes, and as sexy is Leon’s favorite concept, it is not a surprise to see him wear leather pants. Leather is not always very comfortable to wear, so don’t hesitate to try out fake leather pants if you like Leon’s ones in this picture. Even if we can’t see his pants clearly in this picture because of his pose, we guess how good they look already. For someone as sexy and handsome as Leon it is so easy to look amazing no matter what he wears.


7. ra.L’s cute pastel pink hat

ra.L also has a very interesting fashion, often very colorful and changing, like YoonWoo. So if you like colors and unpredictable fashion, ra.L’s style might just be what you’re looking for. But the item we want to steal from him today is, again, a super cute accessory that could upgrade your whole outfit. It is no other than this little pink hat he is wearing. For sure, this is not a summer item, but keep it in mind for the next seasons, it might be the future trend!


TRENDZ’s fashion surely is on point, and don’t forget to look for more, because as mentioned before, many of them like to try out various styles!