Top 7 ONEUS Song Covers You Shouldn’t Miss Out

ONEUS have proved more than once their multiple talents. May it be dancing skills, vocal skills, or even creativity and dedication for their concepts, ONEUS has shown that they are second to none. And even apart from their original songs, ONEUS have been making a lot of contents for their fans, and non-fans, to enjoy. Part of it are, of course, some entertaining reality shows about the group, but what caught our eyes, and ears, is especially their covers. Since their debut more than 3 years ago, ONEUS members have uploaded many song covers on their social media, enabling fans to have a glimpse of what the members like, in terms of music.

Quite far from their own songs, ONEUS have done covers of a variety of songs, showing that their talent goes even beyond what we usually see of them. From Rock to Jazz, ONEUS members have surprised and amazed fans with their covers. Whether you’re a new fan, here since their debut, or even a non-fan, you certainly should not miss out ONEUS’ covers. So take a deep breath, put on your headphones or earphones, and let ONEUS take you on a musical journey with their multiple song covers. Here are 7 song covers made by ONEUS members that you shouldn’t miss out.

Note: this is not a ranking


1. Xion – ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ (original by Ella Fitzgerald)

Even if it is not the Christmas season yet, you can start dreaming about snow and presents with this sweet cover made by Xion. As a fan of musicals, his culture of music is very diversified, so it didn’t came as a surprise to fans when Xion did this cover of a Jazz song as Christmas present. Xion only shared two covers so far, but the wait was always worth it, as fans could tell how hard he prepared for these covers to be the best possible. Xion’s voice somehow fitted the Jazz genre very well, probably because he has a very clear and melodious voice that automatically transport you to another world.


2. LeeDo – ‘Start’ (original by GaHo)

After the release of the K-Drama “Itaewon Class”, the OSTs went virals, including this one. And if Xion’s cover didn’t came as a surprise, it is not the case of this cover. If the song itself wasn’t surprising enough, LeeDo’s delicate singing voice is what surprised fans the most. As LeeDo is a rapper in ONEUS, nobody expected him to drop a vocal cover, especially with such an adorable and angelic voice. But since then fans got used to LeeDo’s duality, and now everybody wants to hear him sing more often.


3. KeonHee – ‘Where Were You In The Morning?’ (original by Shawn Mendes)

If you were already enchanted by KeonHee’s voice in ONEUS’ original songs, then you will only fall harder for him when listening to his song covers. KeonHee’s crystal clear voice is so beautiful that anybody could listen to it for hours. And well, you actually can if you play his multiple covers on repeat! This one is the most recent one, but don’t be afraid to search for more ONEUS Records made by KeonHee, you won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it. American Pop, K-Pop, KeonHee have done cover of both, so you will certainly find what you like among KeonHee’s covers.


4. HwanWoong & KeonHee – ‘Friends’ (Original by BTS’ V and JiMin)

This cover came as a very cute surprise to fans, as it was a sort of celebration of the members long lasted friendship. HwanWoong and KeonHee were both born in 1998 and because of that they’ve always stick together since their early trainee days. Fans are now used to see them stuck with each other, showing a strong and beautiful friendship since so long ago. But no one expected this song cover whatsoever. Especially since it hasn’t been covered by other celebrities before, this duet cover was unexpected, yet appreciated by fans. Now every time fans miss the 98’s line interactions, they can simply come back and watch this cover again and again.


5. SeoHo – ‘Still With You’ (original by BTS’ JungKook)

Over the years, ONEUS members’ have proven to be veteran ARMYs, as they made a lot of song covers from their senior. And SeoHo is no exception. After covering ‘Epiphany’ from Jin, he decided to cover ‘Still With You’. But considering SeoHo’s high pitched voice, and his capacity to reach high notes effortlessly, it makes no doubt that those songs are a perfect match for him. With those covers, SeoHo proved, yet, once again that his voice and singing skills are a true gift from Mother Nature, and nothing else would suit him better than being the idol he is now.


6. HwanWoong – ‘SUMMERIDE’ (original by Jay Park)

This is HwanWoong’s one and only ONEUS Record so far, but fans are hoping for another one before the end of this year. As HwanWoong is the main dancer of the group, he’d usually rather post dance covers than song covers, yet fans do like both. Anyhow, this song cover is a precious treasure to all HwanWoong biased, and they’re right to treat it as is. The chill summer vibes of the song suit HwanWoong perfectly. And his cheerful and expressive nature come out even more with a song like this one. If you take a look at the MV that comes with this cover, you’ll get to see what kind of person HwanWoong is, a happy virus.


7. ONEUS – ‘Pink Venom’ (original by BLACKPINK)

Because solo covers are not the only ones you shouldn’t miss out from ONEUS here is a one of a kind group cover. Indeed ONEUS covered a girl group’s song on a TV show, this was a special stage that fans went crazy for. With this cover, ONEUS showed their powerful voices and dance, taking the song to a whole new level, their level. Toward the end of the song, they even harmonized together, showing just how much ONEUS are a good match. This cover was so unique that fans are still not over it, and now everyone is waiting for more special stages from the group.


There are of course many more covers done by ONEUS, so make sure to check them all out, because they’re all worth your time. May it be the ONEUS Records, ONEUS appearance on “Immortal Song” or their special stages, you certainly have more to see of ONEUS.