Top 3 Male K-Pop Idols Voted Who Would Be Good At Acting As Voted By Global Fans

Top 3 Male K-Pop Idols Who Would Be Good At Acting As Voted By Global Fans

Continuing on our K-Pop generations that rule the world, in the last post I wrote about the First, Second and Third Generations of K-Pop, today I will be talking about the top Fourth and Fifth Generations of K-Pop.

So, let’s continue on with our next K-Pop generations.


Fourth Generation K-Pop

Stray Kids


Stray Kids debuted through a reality show under the same name by JYP Entertainment. Initially, the band was of nine members but WooJin left for undisclosed personal reasons, making it an eight member boys group. They officially debuted on March 25,  following their pre-debut EP “Mixtape”. Their third studio album “5-Star” marked their first appearance topping the US Billboard 200 and also entered the UK Album Chart. KMCA certified that “Maxident” (2022 release) made triple million in album sales, making them the second group to achieve the milestone. The name Stray Kids refers to kids who are lost and work their way to achieve their dream and make it a reality. 


Bang Chan: Leader, vocalist, dancer, rapper, producer

Lee Know: Dance leader, dancer, vocalist, rapper

ChangBin: Rapper, vocalist, producer

HyunJin: Dancer, vocalist, rapper, visuals

Han: Vocalist, rapper, producer

Felix: Dancer, vocalist, rapper

SeungMin: vocalist

I.N: Vocalist, Maknae

Former member:

WooJin: Vocalist (left for personal reason)



Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)


ATEEZ is a boy band formed by KQ Entertainment and has eight members. They debuted on October 24, 2018 with their EP “Treasure EP. 1: All to Zero.” ATEEZ have been dubbed “Global Performance Idols” and the “4th Generation Leaders”  by none other than the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism itself. They have won the Worldwide Fans’ Choice award at the “2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards” and the Bosang (Main Prize) at the “4th Fact Music Awards.” 


HongJoong: Leader, rapper, composer

SeongHwa: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, visuals

YunHo: Main dancer, vocalist

YeoSang: Lead dancer, vocalist, visual

San: Lead vocalist, main dancer

MinGi: Main dancer, main rapper

WooYoung: Main dancer, vlocalist, visuals

JongHo: Main vocalist, maknae



Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)
Courtesy of BELIFT LAB

ENHYPEN is a group formed by Belift Lab, and is a former joint venture of CJ ENM and Hybe Corporation through the survival competition held in 2020, “I-LAND.” They debuted with their EP “Border: Day One”. Their name represented connection, discovery, and growth. They won the Rookie of the Year, and the Best Artist Award at the “Asia Artist Awards” in 2021. They also won the Best New Artist (Overseas) award in 2021. They won the Bosang for “Dimension: Dilemma and Manifesto: Day 1” in 2023 at the “Golden Disc Awards.” They also won the Bosang at the “Hanteo Music Awards” in 2023. In 2022 they won the New Artist of the Year Award at the “Japan Gold Disc Award” and the K Global Bosang (Main Prize) in 2023 at the “K-Global Heart Dream Awards.” 


JungWon: Leader, vocalist, dancer

HeeSung: Main vocalist, dancer, center

Jay: Rapper, vocalist, dancer

Jake: Rapper, vocalist, dancer

SungHoon: Rapper, vocalist, dancer

Sunoo: Vocalist, dancer

Ni-Ki: Main dancer, vocalist, maknae



Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)

TXT Official

Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The group has five members. They debuted on March 4, 2019 with their EP “The Dream Chapter: Star”. The EP peaked at number one on both Gaon Album chart and Billboard World Album chart. They entered at 140 on the US Billboard 200, becoming the highest charting debut album by any male. They are the first Korean act to perform and make headlines at the “Lollapalooza.” They won the Rookie of the Year award at the “34th Golden Disc Awards.” The name of the group means five boys who came together for one dream to build a better tomorrow. 


Though TXT don’t have official positions except SooBin who’s the leader, and Huening Kai who’s the maknae, nonetheless according to their performances:

SooBin: Leader, lead vocalist, face of the group

YeonJun: Main dancer, main rapper, sub-vocal

BeomGyu: sub-vocal, lead dancer, center, visual

TaeHyun: Main vocal, lead dancer

Huening Kai: Lead vocalist, lead rapper, Maknae


Fifth Generation


Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)

Touch Music Live

Poster of XODIAC Debut Showcase

XODIAC is a 9-member boy group launched by One Cool Jasco Entertainment. They debuted on April 25, 2023 with their first digital single ‘Throw a Dice’. The group was also part of the webseries “Roommate” (available on YouTube).


Lex: Leader, lead dancer, main vocalist, center

HyunSik: Main vocalist, vocal leader

Zayyan: Lead vocalist, lead dancer

BeomSoo: Sub-vocal, main dancer, main rapper

GyuMin: Vocal, dancer

Wain: Rapper, dancer

Sing: Vocal, dancer

DaVin: Dancer, rapper

Leo: Rapper, vocalist, dancer, maknae



Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)

KOZ Entertainment

BOYNEXTDOOR debuted with their first single album “Who!” on May 30, 2023. The meaning of the group’s name is to approach you as comfortably as the boy next door. 


JaeHyun: Leader, rapper, vocalist

SungHo: Vocalist

RiWoo: Dancer, vocalist

TaeSan: Rapper, vocalist

LeeHan: Vocalist

WoonHak: Vocalist, maknae



Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)


ZEROBASEONE is managed by WAKEONE and was formed after the members won the top 9 positions in Mnet’s reality competition show “Boys Planet.” They debuted on July 10, 2023 with their EP “Youth in the Shade.” The name means going from zero towards their dream one as a team. Their album has amassed more than 780,00 pre-orders within five days and by July 14, had surpassed 1.08 million copies. 


Sung HanBin: Leader, lead vocal, face of the group

Kim JiWoong: Lead rapper, sub-vocal, visual

Zhang Hao: Main vocal, center

Seok Mathew: Lead vocal

Kim TaeRae: Main vocal

Ricky: Vocal, dancer, visual

Kim GyuVin: Main rapper, dancer, vocal

Park GunWook: Main vocal, main rapper, lead dancer, visual

Han YuJin: Main dancer, vocal rapper, maknae



Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)


xikers is a group made of 10 boys formed by KQ Entertainment. The “X” in their name denotes coordination, and is combined with the word “hiker,” which means travel. The boys travel through time and space to reach their coordinates. The boys also featured in their pre-debut web series “Ready to One”, in which you can see the members training in Los Angeles, California. They won the K-Global Super Rookie Award at the “K-Global Heart Dream Awards” in 2023. 


MinJae: Leader, main rapper

JunMin: Makin dancer

SuMin: Main rapper

JinSik: Lead vocalist

HyunWoo: Main vocalist

SeEun: Sub vocalist

YuJun: Sub vocalist

Hunter: Main dancer

JungHoon: Main vocalist

YeChan: Main rapper, maknae


The Wind

Male K-Pop Generations That Rule The World (Part II)

WITH US Entertainment

The Wind are managed by WITH US Entertainment and are truly new breezes as all of the boys are teenagers. They debuted on May 15, 2023 with ‘Island’. Their group name “The Wind” means to deliver healing winds to the people. 


JaeWon: Leader, main vocalist 

Kim HeeSoo: Rapper, dancer, vocals 

Thanatorn: Lead vocals, dancer 

Choi HanBin: Dance leader, rapper, vocalist 

Park HaYuChan: Rapper, dancer, vocal, center

An ChanWon: Vocalist 

Jang HyounJoon: Vocalist, dancer, visual, maknae 


Let’s see what the current and upcoming fifth generation groups can do as they have four strong generations to prove themselves in front of. 

Hope each one of them becomes a shining star ⭐.

Till next post, stay safe and stay happy. Bye Bye.