Top 3 Favorite K-Drama Doctor Characters As Voted By Global Fans

Top 3 Favorite K-Drama Doctor Characters As Voted By Global Fans

One of the prevalent factors that bridge a connection between the viewer and a K-Drama character is the occupation. Finding similarities in their work and life experiences, the job of a K-Drama character perhaps doesn’t just make said character appealing to viewers but the entire drama series as well.

One of the said occupations that are vividly used in many K-Dramas today is a Doctor. These talented individuals have shown their penchant for saving lives despite the magnitude of odds they may face both in their hospitals and personal lives. Some are fighters, some are stern and direct, and others are simply hilarious and chaotic, regardless of their personality traits or hobbies, one common thread they possess is a steadfast and dutiful trait that makes us all root for them.

We took a fun poll asking our readers to vote for their favorite K-Drama doctor characters. A lot of votes were cast and we thank you for your participation.

The results are in! Here are the top 3 favorite K-Drama doctor characters as voted by global fans.

Smart, talented, resilient, thoughtful, strong-willed, and with a hint of stubbornness that always gives him an edge over others, Seo WooJin (played by Ahn HyoSeop) was a character that we all admired and rooted for. A brilliant character development arc for both his skills as a doctor and his interpersonal relationship with the staff of Doldam hospital, he is one who readily becomes a favorite by viewers as with 23.2% of the total votes, he ranks 3rd on this poll.

The original walking green flag, Lee IkJun (played by Cho JungSeok) was the epitome of fun, happiness, and warmth. With his hilarious and chaotic personality, he is seen as the character that everyone gravitates to. As a doctor, he was clearly a favorite amongst both patients and staff for his smart and thoughtful approach. His adorable and loving relationship with his son also projected the kind of Doctor and all-around person he was, making him even more appealing and a favorite, as with 26.4% of the total votes, he ranks 2nd on this poll.

1. “Doctors” – Yoo HyeJung

Yoo HyeJung (played by Park ShinHye) was a character many viewers readily fell in love with because of her warm and kind-hearted nature. her brave and resilient attitude, and her ability to throw a punch or ten at bad guys. As a Doctor, she was dedicated and reliable in her job, treating patients and defending them as well. A good friend, an amazing colleague, and a caring partner, with 47% of the total votes, she is the favorite K-Drama doctor as she ranks 1st on the poll.

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