Top 3 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Na BaekJin In "Weak Hero Class 1" Season 2 Alongside Park JiHoon

Top 3 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Na BaekJin In “Weak Hero Class 1” Season 2 Alongside Park JiHoon

“Weak Hero Class 1” season 2 has reportedly been confirmed, and fans all over the world could not be more excited. “Weak Hero Class 1” is one of those webtoon adaptations that has garnered a fanbase of its own. It is appreciated by fans of the webtoon for being an incredibly well-made adaptation, but viewers who haven’t read the original webtoon have also praised the K-Drama for its high quality. Now, the breakout success of “Weak Hero Class 1” has given way to a sequel that will presumably take up the major action of the webtoon.

In the mid-credits scene of the last episode of “Weak Hero Class 1”, we’re introduced to a mysterious tattooed figure. This is Na BaekJin (or Donald Na in the English version), the primary antagonist in the story, the final boss, if you will, and also one of the most popular characters in the webtoon.

“Weak Hero” by SEOPASS on Naver Webtoon

Na BaekJin is the leader of the fearsome Yeongdeungpo Union. He is a charismatic villain through and through and will do what it takes to get his way. He is tall, blonde, very good-looking, but utterly intimidating. At the same time, he is extremely intelligent and has a sharp eye for business despite his young age. BaekJin is often described as cruel, ruthless and devious in his ways but he wasn’t always like this. Na BaekJin’s background story adds depth and complexity to his character, which is what makes him so beloved. Yeon SiEun is everything Na BaekJin could have been, had his circumstances been different. Without spoiling things further, here are 3 actors we think would be perfect for the role of Na BaekJin.

Note: This list is in no order of ranking. 


Top 3 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Na BaekJin In

Allure Korea

Rising star Lee ChaeMin has already proven his mettle as a strong and versatile actor through dramas like “Crash Course In Romance” and “See You In My 19th Life”. In such a short span of his career, we have seen different sides to the actor, which makes us curious about the future. With Lee ChaeMin’s height, fit physique and penchant for playing mysterious characters, he would make an amazing Na BaekJin.


Top 3 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Na BaekJin In

Kim HyunWook’s Instagram

Kim HyunWook might be a rookie actor, but he is quickly making a place for himself in fans’ hearts through his role in “The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch”. There’s no doubt that the actor can make a bad guy look good, and if that doesn’t scream Na BaekJin, we don’t know what does! We already know Kim HyunWook looks great in blonde, and we’ve also seen him execute his action scenes effortlessly. All that’s left are the tattoos, and we’ve got ourselves a solid Na BaekJin!


Top 3 Actors Who Would Be Perfect For The Role Of Na BaekJin In


With both prestigious awards and endless popularity to his name, JaeChan has the world’s eyes on him, and we are eager to know about his next acting project. Many fans are already casting him as their ideal Na BaekJin, inspired by his fierce aura on stage, piercing gaze, and impressive acting chops. Quite frankly, imagining him as Na BaekJin, facing off against Park JiHoon’s Yeon SiEun, is enough to send chills down our spine. Needless to say, it would not only be an epic showdown but also a visual duo iconic enough to break the internet.

Which actor do you want to see as Na BaekJin in “Weak Hero Class 1” season 2? Tell us in the comments section down below!