“This Is Seriously Cruel” — Netizens Find Brutal Way To Differentiate Popular Vs. Unpopular Girl Group Members

Individual member versions of albums are a chance for fans to show love for their bias and collect different versions of their favorite artist’s albums. Unfortunately, this can lead to different versions being more in demand than others.


Netizens recently discussed in a viral post on a Korean forum how websites like Naver Shopping allow customers to buy the version of the member of their choice. However, the price difference says all you need to know about each members’ popularity.



Giant ver. – Winter (+3,000 won) (sold out)

Giant ver. – Karina (+3,000 won) (sold out)

Scene ver. – Ningning (-3,100 won)

Scene ver. – Giselle (-3,100 won)

Scene ver. – Winter (sold out)


While some members sell out, others become discounted. Popular members may also have their prices raised based on supply and demand.


Scene ver. – Random

Scene ver. – Giselle

Scene ver. – Winter (+5,000 won)

Scene ver. – Karina (+5,000 won)


The pattern persisted for all generations of girl groups.

Red Velvet 

Red Velvet

Smart Smini ver. – Wendy (+100 won)

Smart Smini ver. – Joy (+100 won)

Smart Smini ver. – Seulgi (+5,100 won)

Smart Smini ver. – Irene (+16,000 won)


Red Velvet

Package Box ver. – Wendy (+6,200 won)

Package Box ver. – Joy (+6,200 won)Package Box ver. – Seulgi (+11,200 won)

Package Box ver. – Irene (+21,200 won)


Sometimes, it’s the face of the group who receives the most attention and therefore gets more of their album versions purchased.



Digipack – Rei ver. (-1,900 won)

Digipack – Yujin ver. (+7,100 won)

Digipack – Liz ver. (-5,900 won)

Digipack – Leeseo ver. (-5,900 won)

Digipack – Wonyoung ver. (+7,100 won)


Other times, it may be a stan attractor or a member who has gone viral, creating a surge in their popularity.



Danielle (-11,000 won)

Hyein (-11,000 won)

Hanni (+5,000 won)

Haerin (+5,000 won)


“This is cold capitalism,” one netizen writes, seeing the harsh results and wondering how the less purchased members would feel.


Le Sserafim

Yunjin Green (Compact ver.) (+1,000 won)

Kazuha Blue (Compact ver.) (+1,000 won)

Sakura Pink (Compact ver.) (+1,000 won)

Eunchae Red (Compact ver.) (+7,000 won)

Chaewon Silver (Compact ver.) (+12,000 won)


The unfortunate reality is that the numbers are based on supply and demand, which exposes the amount of fans purchasing each version.