Third Generation Artist Tells Fans Not To Vape…While Holding One

Third Generation Artist Tells Fans Not To Vape…While Holding One

Third Generation Artist Tells Fans Not To Vape…While Holding One

The ultimate “do as I say, not as I do” moment.

As many K-Pop idols are adults, it should not be a surprise some indulge in activities that are for adults. For example, it has become much more common to see idols drinking or drunk, with some shows even existing around this.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi on Lee Young Ji’s My Alcohol Diary. 

More “controversially,” many idols have been discovered to smoke, which has always earned mixed reactions. Despite being adults, many have questioned idols’ choice to smoke because of health concerns.

3rd Generation Boy Group Member Caught Smoking — Fans Defend

Recently, a third-generation artist actually echoed similar thoughts…all while holding his own smoking device.

While many know him now as DPR Ian, the star got his start in the industry as a member of the K-Pop group C-Clown. Ian, then known as Rome, remained with the group until their disbandment in 2015.

DPR Ian while in C-Clown.

After this, the artist helped establish Dream Perfect Regime, first handling the visual arts aspects behind all DPR releases and then releasing his own music.


Despite being wildly popular and busy, Ian often spends time chatting with fans on Instagram Live. These lives can be unpredictable as Ian goes through the chat and responds to fans’ random questions.

In a video clip from a live now circulating on X, the star gets asked what he is holding in his hand. He answers honestly, saying that it is a “little vape.

He then tells viewers not to vape, saying that it isn’t healthy and that he “doesn’t recommend it.” Hilariously, he says he doesn’t “advocate for any of it” and will use it while insisting fans don’t.

Don’t vape, kids. It’s not-it’s not healthy, it’s not ideal. I don’t recommend it. You heard it from me. I didn’t, I’m not, I’m not advocating for any of it, so just don’t vape. You heard it from me. But, I will, you know, but I’ll tell you not to. [laughs]

— DPR Ian

This funny moment is the perfect example of the old phrase, “Do As I Say, Not As I Do.” You can check out DPR Ian’s most recent release below.