The Two Most Searched “Boys Planet” Contestants On The 4th Week Of February

February started off right with the premiere of Mnet’s “Boys Planet“. Even in it’s 5th week, the program’s popularity has no signs of slowing down and continues to be a trending topic among netizens in Korea. The trainees’ fiery passion can be felt by viewers everywhere, even through the television screen.

Good Data Corporation releases the top 10 most talked and the top 10 hottest keyword searches about K-Dramas, TV Shows, actors, and other TV personalities in Korea, on a weekly basis. The rankings reflect netizen’s opinions on online news, communities, social media, and more.

Many viewers continue to keep their eyes glued to the screen over the course of “Boys Planet”. This is made evident due to the show being a part of the top 10 Hot Non-Drama TV Programs and top 10 Hot Keyword Searches on Good data. For the 4th week of February, the program ranked no. 1 on the top 10 Hot Non-Drama TV Programs and no. 5 for the top 10 Hot Keyword Searches.

Rankings are always changing and only a few are able to remain in the top spot. This applies to the show and Good Data rankings! So if you’re curious which “Boys Planet” trainees are being talked about the most, then look no further. Here are the trainees who have topped the Good Data ranking charts for the 4th week of February.

Top 10 Hot Non-Drama Personalities Keyword Searches

Sung HanBin (no. 8)

Boys Planet Official

Han Yu-Jin (no. 9)

The Two Most Searched "Boys Planet" Contestants On The 4th Week Of February

Boys Planet Offical

Trainees Sung HanBin and Han YuJin have continued to hold onto a spot within the top 10 most searched non-drama personalities. Netizens must see something special in the two to continue showing such massive love and support!

Is your favorite trainee part of the ranking for the most searched about non-drama personalities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!