The Top 3 Korean Female Celebrities People Ask To Look Like, According To A Plastic Surgeon 

Director Oh Jae Hyun of One Peak Plastic Surgery shared the top 3 Korean female celebrities that people with highly-coveted facial features. People receiving plastic surgery often bring up these gorgeous celebs names in hopes of achieving similar facial features. Read the full list below.

1. Winter (aespa)

Director Oh revealed many people have brought in photos of aespa‘s Winter.

Winter (aespa) | One Peak TV/YouTube

He described her eyes as having a “cool and gorgeous semi-out line double eyelid.”

This means the double eyelid line is lower than an “in-outline” eye, giving it a more natural appearance, but it has a fancier vibe than the “in-line” eye.

(Top row, Left to right) In-Line, In-Outline. (Bottom) Semi-out line | One Peak TV/YouTube

Her inner eye corners are slightly raised, which gives off a cute impression, along with her aegyo-sal, also known as the puffy area under your eye.

Her nose is also described as a “straight mushroom” line that is popular among plastic surgery trends. She has a high nose bridge that begins at eye level, which is the ideal nose length.

Her nose tip is slightly thin instead of round, which overall gives her a brighter appearance.

2. Shin Se Kyung

Actress Shin Se Kyung is also one of the top celebrities who gets their photos shown to plastic surgeons.

Shin Se Kyung | One Peak TV/YouTube

Director Oh describes her as having a typical straight nose with a slightly wide nasolabial area, so it gives off a “fancy” impression.

This type of nose makes her face looks smaller and makes her look more three dimensional.

Unlike the previous eye type mentioned, Shin Se Kyung has a soft “in-out line.” This gives off a natural look without Mongolian folds, making her eyes look even bigger.

3. IU

Lastly, Director Oh chose IU as a celebrity people reference when taking inspiration for their own plastic surgery.

IU | One Peak TV/YouTube

Her eyes also have a “in-out line” appearance, which highlights her natural beauty.

Unlike Shin Se Kyung, she has a slight Mongolian fold, but this brings out her unique cute feeling.

4. Honorable mentions

He also revealed other popular celebrities, including aespa‘s Karina, Go Yoon Jung, and Red Velvet‘s Irene.

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Source: One Peak TV/YouTube