The Rose HEAL Album Review

The Rose HEAL Album Review


The Rose presents a unique blend of pop-rock, memorable ballads, and unique vocals. HEAL did not disappoint! Here’s my album breakdown.

~: 9/10

I love a good intro. “~” builds a dreamy soundscape that invites listeners into the world The Rose has built in this album. With whimsical harps, imaginative strings, and natural sound effects, this track drew me in immediately. It’s calming yet the music builds with excitement, leading perfectly into “Definition of ugly is.”

Definition of ugly is: 10/10

Coming from “~” into the reverbed acapella vocals from Woosung nearly sent a shiver up my spine. He has such an amazingly unique voice that his singing alone is a powerful opening to this track. The melody of “Definition of ugly is” is exquisite and beautifully crafted. It was immediately favorited by me as soon as the chorus hit. And as the song builds, the vocals only become more powerful. This was the perfect song to introduce the group. The amazing melody, vocals, huge electric guitar solo at the end…honestly, this is why The Rose is so loved!

Childhood: 6/10

This ballad is touching. “Don’t forget when you were a child. Even when time passes, let it stay in your mind. Don’t live your life like you have a thousand years, ready for you to waste your time on regrets.” The vocals and lyrics are the stars in this track. With soft piano and guitar, it allows both to shine. For some, I can imagine this being their favorite track on the album due to the emotional weight that comes with it as well as the lovely vocals and harmonies. For me, however, the melody didn’t stick very well in my mind and thus it isn’t as much of a standout track on HEAL.

Shift: 7/10

Another chill track, “Shift” is a song I can imagine playing on a car ride. I love the unique feel of the chorus and the way the vocals have been processed. The electric guitar has a special role to play in this track and I appreciated the soundscape created by it.

Cure: 5/10

“Cure” has a strong opening. The drum rhythm in this really carries it. However, I feel like the chorus melody was a bit of a disappointment after such a build-up in the intro and verses. It falls flat for me, which is a shame considering the song has so many good elements.

See-saw: 7/10

“See-saw” is an emotional track. With piano, strings, and expressive vocals, it’ll tug on your heartstrings for sure. Check out the lyrics:

Every time I endure, and endure again, I end up tilting

My center is broken again

It’s gonna be okay

Like a see-saw with different ends

I’ll relieve the weight off you


What should I do?

Will I understand your frustration?

You’ll be back

The way you used to laugh

It’s gonna be okay

Like a see-saw with different ends

I’ll relieve the weight off you, slowly, little by little

Time: 7/10

“Time” feels sentimental and with lyrics talking about saying goodbye and time healing relationships, it’s another track that will pull at your heart. I like that this one is upbeat, but worry it might get buried by more standout tracks on the album. However, it adds a great middle-of-the-road sound that is necessary between the ballads and tracks like “Shift” and “Definition of ugly is.”

Yes (feat. James Reid): 5/10

I adore the instrumental in this track. The guitar layers and selective beats really make it! It’s what I paid most attention to in “Yes” as the lyrics and vocal melody didn’t feel very unique to me. The collaborative vocals paired well together, but I overall just wish more was done with the song.

Sour: 9/10

“Sour” makes an interesting analogy between a sour taste and a person’s heart after they lose someone. The chorus feels explosive, and this is the type of melody I was waiting to hit in the album since “Definition of ugly is.” It’s memorable, emotive, and reflects the sound that makes The Rose who they are as a group. “My heart’s so sour without you” is going to be the defining melodic line for me from this album.

-: 6.5/10

I appreciate this bookend to HEAL. It includes nature sounds, like those found in “~” but also adds in little snippets of tunes from the album. I can’t tell if the second half of the track includes the sounds of footsteps in the forest or not. It’s not as well-crafted as “~” in my opinion but I appreciate the soundscape nonetheless.



Final: 6.5/10

Fans of The Rose will appreciate HEAL. With plenty of variety in tracks and themes, it’s a great album to use to introduce someone to the group. After waiting 4 years for a full length album, this is not a disappointment! There could have been a few improvements to specific tracks, but overall HEAL is a good album.


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