The Most Talked About "Peak Time" Contestants In The 2nd Week Of March

The Most Talked About “Peak Time” Contestants In The 2nd Week Of March

The performances on JTBC’s “Peak Time” consistently piques the interest of netizens. After each episode, social media feeds are filled with mentions of its contestants, along with various clips, and supportive messages. Reaching the end of the first round of global voting, fans of the show cannot wait to see where their favorite team falls in the ranking.

Good Data Corporation releases the top 10 most talked and the top 10 hottest keyword searches about K-Dramas, TV Shows, actors, and other TV personalities in Korea, on a weekly basis. The rankings reflect netizen’s opinions on online news, communities, social media, and more.

“Peak Time” continues to remain a widely discussed topic among Korean netizens, making regular appearances on Good Data’s ranking lists. For the 2st week of March, JTBC’s “Peak Time” is no. 10 on the top 10 Hot Keyword Searches and no. 3 in top 10 Hot Non-Drama TV Programs.

The competition continues to heat up and shows no sign of cooling off! Only one team made it onto Good Data’s top 10 Non-Drama Personalities list for the second week of March. Check out which team it was down below!

Top 10 Hot Non-Drama Personalities

Team 11:00 / VANNER (no.7)

Peak Time Official Twitter

The Most Talked About "Peak Time" Contestants In The 2nd Week Of March

Good Data

Even after weeks of competition, fans of the show remain forever charmed by the boys of the impressive idol group. Their touching story, along with their fierce determination has set audience’s hearts ablaze with love and admiration for VANNER. As the competition program continues to move forward, eagle-eyed fans will be eager to keep track of VANNERs trajection in the rankings of both “Peak Time” and Good Data. The competition is captivating and has everyone’s fingertips ready to post online about it!

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