The Latest Updated List Of K-Pop Rappers 2023

The Latest Updated List Of K-Pop Rappers 2023

If you are new to music and gaming within South Korea and are finding out about the culture, food, fashion, art, museums, cafes and more, you might be surprised once you hear about various gaming cafes also referred to as ‘PC Bang’. The term itself is a type of LAN gaming center and internet café popular in South Korea where everyone can attend. Using the café itself comes at an hourly fee and many offer beverages and meals which you can actually order directly from the computer. This is no different for idols and trainees of the K-Pop industry. 

For many, people enjoy hearing and learning about new hobbies through various individuals or role models whom they look up to and respect. But sometimes hobbies like gaming might appear overwhelming and stressful due to the variety of options. 

Today, let’s take a small look and delve into some known and unknown gamers within the world of K-Pop and the South Korean entertainment industry. This serves as an updated list that also includes gamers within the 4th generation and includes game suggestions, fan favorites, and more. 

Some common and often mentioned gamers within the South Korean idol/celebrity community include: Apink’s Oh HaYoung, MONSTA X’s MinHyuk, HongBin (Formerly VIXX), JAE/eaJ, TWICE’s Mina, BTS’ JungKook, CLC’s Jang YeEun, Super Junior’s HeeChul, EXID’s Elly, GOT7’s Mark, fromis_9’s JiWon and NaGyung, and more. 

Did we miss one of your favorite gamers? Don’t hesitate to leave them within the comments and share your favorite funny moment or song.


1. Jeon SoMi and BLACKPINK’s Lisa Playing Animal Crossing

THEBLACKLABEL’s YouTube Channel Screenshot

Back in 2020, the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the world by storm and quickly became a hit. Various channels and celebrities created accounts and streamed/shared their favorite island moments with fans, communicating with their respective communities. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that not only allows you to have a customizable character but once you arrive at an island, you transform it into a village. Through the game you build homes, tend to gardens, throw parties and special events, and converse with fun and colorful animal neighbors who help you progress throughout the game. 

Jeon SoMi shared a cute moment with BLACKPINK’s Lisa back on April 25th, 2020. The three individuals of Teddy, SoMi, and Lisa appeared to have their switches in the studio together. 

This game is perfect for those wanting something chill and carefree with no set end date of the game, needed achievements within a certain time frame, and want something creative. 

Idols like Jeon WonWoo of SEVENTEEN is also known to be a fan of this game, which you can check out here: Games Played by SEVENTEEN’s WonWoo For Those Looking for Inspiration or Want To Start Playing. NCT’s TaeYong is also known for his love of Animal Crossing and Pokémon.


 5 Gamers In The K-Pop Industry You Might Not Know And Games To Try (Newly Updated 2023 Version)

Sakura’s YouTube Screenshot

If you are looking for an idol who provides not only English subtitles for their content but are wanting something to watch while playing along, Sakura, formerly of IZ*ONE and HKT48, might be the channel for you! 

Sakura has played a variety of games from cute to horror, providing a little something for everyone. She has played BIOHAZARD Village, Little Nightmares 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Undertale, and Splatoon 2. 

According to her YouTube About section, her old channel was created on March 11th, 2018 and focuses on game commentary type of content. 


Back on February 8th, 2021, Hendery and WayV released an official video for the series, “NCT 24 Hour Relay Cam”. This would showcase the members’ different activities and schedules throughout the day at different times. From 12AM-1AM, Hendery would be the next one on the list and set up the game before he started. The video itself is comforting and provided healing to many fans during that time. It’s definitely still a fan favorite until this day. 

Within the video, although he didn’t have much of a plan, Hendery began by playing a game with fellow member WinWin. Although it is unknown what game they were playing, Hendery is known by fans for playing League of Legends. 

It is also known amongst fans that all of WayV were/are still all gamers. YangYang waited forever to play the game known as CyberPunk and Kun has a streaming account on a Chinese Streaming Platform. Ten also said he has a Nintendo Switch and rarely games, but enjoys Pokemon


During their promotion for their digital single, “Double Knot”, the two members Felix and Bang Chan asked and answered various questions throughout the episode. Around 1:37, Bang Chan asked Felix when he started gaming jokingly, but the idol truthfully answered that he’s been into gaming since he was born. 

Bang Chan made a statement that many gamers, artists, or illustrators can agree with, “It’s just a separate world you can escape to”. 

Felix enjoys playing games like Genshin Impact, League of Legends, and others. These games are perfect for individuals who prioritizes looks/visuals and sees the storyline as important. The graphics of Genshin Impact is often considered a fan favorite and talked about on large streaming platforms and YouTube videos. 

Idols like to play League of Legends as well and is definitely one of the most popular PC games in the gaming and game streaming community.


5. ATEEZ Playing FIFA

Known for their powerful aura and charisma, it’s no doubt that ATEEZ are a fan and good at a variety of games. Depending on your preferred genre or what you want to try, here is a list of games the ATEEZ members have played currently and in the past to check out. ATEEZ is also known within their fandom for creating their own little PC Café within their dorms as well. 



During 2020 ISAC eSports FIFA Online 4, played by MinGi and JongHo.


League of Legends

Played by YunHo, YeoSang, San, MinGi, WooYoung and JongHo.


Genshin Impact

Played by WooYoung.



Played by San. 


Lost Ark

Played by San. 

Did we miss one of your favorite gamers or games? We are looking for 4th – 5th Gen Idol/South Korean Celebrities who are interested in gaming to add to this list, so please don’t hesitate to leave it within the comments. Also, share your favorite funny moment or song or game.