The intersection of K-Pop and eSports, a special connection between cheerleader Park KiRyang and pro gamer Oner

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The entertainment industry in South Korea is always filled with new stories. This time, the connection between unexpected figures on KBS 2TV’s popular variety show ‘Boss in the Mirror’ has become a topic of interest. In the episode aired on February 25, 2024, cheerleader Park KiRyang and her colleagues were depicted planning a unique company dinner at a PC cafe.

In this broadcast, Park KiRyang was proposed by her colleagues to have a company dinner at a PC cafe, which came across as a familiar yet unique suggestion for them, who love games. Particularly, Park KiRyang mentioned her colleague, Moon HyeJin, revealing that her brother is the famous pro gamer Oner. Oner is well-known as a player for T1, a team that Faker is part of. This connection sparked new interest in the program, and naturally, interest in Moon HyeJin also increased.

Moreover, during the broadcast, celebrity Kim HeeChul appeared and mentioned the special relationship between Oner and Moon HyeJin. He mentioned that Oner is aware of Moon HyeJin’s beauty and her activities as a cheerleader, and because of this, Oner shows a generous attitude even when making mistakes. Additionally, comedian Kim Sook expressed her wish to meet Faker once, adding a pleasant atmosphere to the program.

This broadcast is an interesting case showing how K-Pop and eSports, two fields, can be connected. The stories of individuals like Park KiRyang, Moon HyeJin, and T1’s Oner form a common ground for fans from various fields, showcasing the diversity of the Korean entertainment industry.

It’s exciting to look forward to how ‘Boss in the Mirror’ and various other programs will explore new connections and deliver more interesting stories in the future. Such unexpected meetings and stories will provide new enjoyment to viewers and continue to be an essential element for the growth of South Korea’s entertainment industry.