The First K-Culture Magazine in Brazil "Hit!Magazine" Is Hitting The Newsstands This March

The First K-Culture Magazine in Brazil “Hit!Magazine” Is Hitting The Newsstands This March

“Hit!Magazine”, the first K-Culture magazine, is being launched by Grupo Perfil, the group behind magazines like Rolling Stone Brazil, Caras and more. The magazine is scheduled to be released at the beginning of March in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The K-Culture magazine’s goal is to connect the Brazilian audience with South Korean artists. Readers will be able browse through exclusive content such as interviews, photos, posters, and more features.

The magazine has teamed up with Angela Mach and 131 Label to showcase Korean soloist B.I on the cover of its first edition. Fans will also be able to see pictures and an exclusive interview with the artist.

The magazine’s founder and CEO, Carolina Steinerthas over 10 years of experience in the South Korean entertainment industry. The Vice President and Head of Marketing, Beatriz Goesand a team of 25 experienced professionals from different parts of Brazil has come together to bring forth “Hit!Magazine”.

The public who likes Korean pop music (K-Pop) loves to collect, and it’s no wonder that physical album sales exceed expectations in the music market, always breaking new records, as well as sales of light sticks, magazines, cards and other collectibles. Therefore, even with the technological evolution of the media, we still invest in this type of media… Another concern that motivated us is that fans of this genre have a hard time buying official foreign magazines with their favorite K-Pop artists on the cover, and we want “Hit!” to be a direct bridge between South Korea and Brazil.

“Hit!Magazine” is committed to bringing a sense of nostalgia to fans of Hallyu culture through the revival of printed and collectible editions. Priced at R$29.90, the magazine will feature a range of content that includes exclusive interviews with Korean artists, Korean cuisine, K-Drama and K-Pop-inspired fashion, K-Beauty, and more. By providing these cherished elements in printed form, the magazine aims to warm the hearts of Hallyu culture enthusiasts.

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