The Final Lineup For The "R U Next?" Girl Group I'LL-IT Is Announced — But Some Netizens Aren't Happy

The Final Lineup For The “R U Next?” Girl Group I’LL-IT Is Announced — But Some Netizens Aren’t Happy

The final lineup for the HYBE and BELIFT LAB reality show R U Next? was finally announced, revealing the six trainees who won the chance to debut.

After weeks of battling and performances, September 1 saw the final episode being aired to decide which six trainees would debut.

It was announced that the final lineup would be chosen through two different means, with two of the members chosen through fan votes and the other four through the company.

In the first part of the show, the final voting rankings were released after each round, and while many agreed with the results and the ranking, they couldn’t help but share their anger that after voting for six, only two would be based on the voting.

During the episode, it was also announced that the trainees who succeeded would be debuting in the group I’LL-IT, which comes from “I Will Be It.”

After the remaining contestants performed again, including a medley from HYBE group’s ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans, and then the results were announced.

The idol in the first place was Wonhee, and she truly seemed shocked as she explained, “Actually, I really didn’t dream of this. I feel a little startled, and thank you.”


Youngseo was the next to secure her chance at debuting in second place, and she couldn’t help but cry as she shared her emotions about everything that had happened.

Even as she spoke, her emotions were clear as she said, “For a long time, I have been earnestly desiring this dream. I can’t believe it has come true.”


The next choices were from the label, and the judges revealed how tough it was to make the decision.

The trainee in the third position and making her debut was Minju, who also got third place in the fan voting. She was also emotional as she explained, “Since middle school, I thought about my debut. Thanks for letting my dreams come true.”

While achieving 5th place for fan votes, Iroha became the fourth member of the group and was also emotional as she made her final speech, saying, “Thanks to everyone for voting for me and supporting me. I will try harder and become an amazing idol.”

Moka was the next trainee to cement her place in the final lineup. As she made her speech, she said, “I didn’t know I would be able to debut. Thanks to everyone for supporting me. My family, friends, the staff, I am so thankful to many people.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a reality show without some suspense as they went to a break before announcing the final member.

After a long wait and some stalling from host Sooyoung, Yunah was announced as the final member of the group. She thanked everyone as she gave her final speech, adding, “First off, for five years, I practiced hard and worked hard for my debut. I am finally debuting. I don’t believe it. Thanks to everyone for supporting me.”

Yet, while it was an emotional moment for the contestants and some viewers, not everyone was happy with the results and called the show “rigged” after they saw the contestants that would debut.

While it isn’t always certain all netizens’ favorites will go through, many were truly sad that they didn’t all debut. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the other contestants didn’t deserve it, but many believe the voting system wasn’t fair and made the concept of voting useless, especially for international fans.

Source: HYBE LABELS/YouTube