The "Evidence" That Proves "R U Next?" Results Are Rigged, According To Netizens

The “Evidence” That Proves “R U Next?” Results Are Rigged, According To Netizens

Many fan favorites missed the line-up.

The big survival show of the summer was no doubt the HYBE and BELIFT LAB program R U Next?. Over the last few weeks, 22 trainees competed for a chance to debut in what is sure to be the next big girl group.


On September 1, the final episode aired, and with it came the final group announcement. Six trainees were confirmed to be in the debut line-up of I’LL-IT, though netizens weren’t exactly happy about some of the choices.

I’LL-IT | I’LL-IT/Weverse

Specifically, many were angered by the sudden changes in the show’s voting process. Despite being advertised as a global project, the final episode revealed that international votes would not be included in the final episode and that the votes would only decide two group members.

The remaining four places were to be decided by “label pick.”

Fans were already suspicious of the line-up being rigged after the show eliminated one of the most globally popular trainees. Just one day after the show’s completion, many believe they were given evidence that confirmed their beliefs.

Looking at the debut pattern of other survival show groups, you can see there is generally a pattern. In the case of Boys Planet group ZEROBASEONE, after the finale aired, their social media accounts were the first thing established with other ways of promoting the group done at a later time.

In the case of I’LL-IT, one of the first promotional means was announcing their feature in Vogue Korea.

I-LL-IT’s Yunah | Vogue Korea
I-LL-IT’s Youngseo | Vogue Korea

While the group looked gorgeous, many wondered how they could have been featured so quickly after the finale.

Though a likely explanation is that the entire line-up of trainees that made the finale was photographed in case, many believe this points to the group being pre-selected from the start.

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