The Award-Winning Five-Year-Old Group Without A Full Album Or Even A Lightstick

The Award-Winning Five-Year-Old Group Without A Full Album Or Even A Lightstick

It’s time for them to get their first full album!

When K-Pop groups promote, the cycle is usually kicked off by a release, whether a mini album or single.

Usually, after a few promotion cycles, groups release a full album of more than eight tracks. This is usually seen as a big milestone for groups, allowing them to show off more of their skills across more songs.

One of TXT’s mini-album track lists (left) vs a full album (right). | BIGHIT Music

This usually happens within the first year or two of a group’s career; however, a girl group that debuted over five years ago has still not released a full album, in addition to other big milestones for groups.

EVERGLOW is a six-membered group that debuted in March 2019 under Yuehua Entertainment.

EVERGLOW | Yuehua Entertainment

The group had pre-debut interest partly due to Sihyeon and Yiren‘s participation in Produce 48. Their debut track, “Bon Bon Chocolat,” hit number five on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

The album also sold nearly 10,000 copies in its first month, a huge feat for a new group.

Their next album released, Adios, also saw success, leading to their popularity growing worldwide. The group also performed in numerous countries becoming the first girl group to perform in Saudia Arabia and the first group to ever have a solo performance in Kazakhstan.


EVERGLOW won “Best Music Video” at the 2021 Asia Arist Awards.

Surprisingly, the group saw a massive gap between releases, going 20 months before their 4th single album.

Fans were hopeful the group’s next release would be a long-awaited full-album, however, Zombie was announced to be a single album.

With it being over two years since their last mini-album, and no full-album in sight, fans have let their frustration be shown. Adding even more to the pile of issues, EVERGLOW have yet to release their own lightstick, something even the members have commented on.

For comparison, TEMPEST, another Yuehua Entertainment group, released an official lightstick less than two years after their debut.

With the amount of success EVERGLOW have seen, hopefully the group will be able to have these major milestones in the near future!