The 2 Most Searched “Boys Planet” Contestants On The Second Week Of March

Mnet’s “Boys Planet” has been turning heads ever since its highly anticipated premiere. The contestants on the competition program have only been getting better as time goes on and fans everywhere have been hard at work voting for their favorite trainee! The show is chock-full of memorable moments from the live performances to contestant interactions. Korean netizens and the international K-Pop community cannot help but gush over all aspects of “Boys Planet”.

Good Data Corporation releases the top 10 most talked and the top 10 hottest keyword searches about K-Dramas, TV Shows, actors, and other TV personalities in Korea, on a weekly basis. The rankings reflect netizen’s opinions on online news, communities, social media, and more.

Many viewers continue to focus their attention on “Boys Planet”. This is made evident due to the show being a part of the top 10 Hot Non-Drama TV Programs and top 10 Hot Keyword Searches on Good Data. For the 2nd week of March, the program has ranked no. 5 on the top 10 Hot Keyword Searches and no. 2 for the top 10 Hot Non-Drama TV Programs.

Although rankings might change on a weekly basis, “Boys Planet” has continued to remain a part of Good Data’s rankings. If you’re curious about which “Boys Planet” trainees are being talked about the most, then you’ve come to the right place!

Top 10 Hot Non-Drama Personalities Keyword Searches

Sung Han Bin (no. 9)

Boys Planet Official

Han Yu-Jin (no. 10)

The 2 Most Searched "Boys Planet" Contestants On The Second Week Of March

Boys Planet Official

Sung HanBin and Han YuJin have been crushing the competition and capturing the hearts of viewers since the first episode. As the competition program carries on, they show mountains of improvement and always wow audiences at every performance. They definitely have the makings of future K-Pop stars. Netizens notice this and cannot stop searching up these contestants!

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