SUPERKIND Returns With Sci-Fi Adventure Themed EP “Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%”

SUPERKIND Returns With Sci-Fi Adventure Themed EP “Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%”

SUPERKIND Returns With Sci-Fi Adventure Themed EP “Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%”

SUPERKIND had recently rewarded their 11 Silver Players with a “Private Listening Party” in their Discord server. It has been announced in their official TikTok story before that the Silver Quest MVPs will get exciting rewards coming for them. This reward is a listening party to the full song ‘Mugshot‘, previously known as ‘Lobster’ by Players, which was created through the process of Social Music-Mining Game or SMMG on TikTok. The game started in the 3rd week of May 2023 in their official TikTok. Many Players had joined the quest but only top 11 got to pass the silver quest. They are the Silver Quest MVPs of SUPERKIND’s SMMG (Social Music-Mining Game).

SUPERKIND Tiktok Story Screenshot by Komikkoto


How The Game Was Played

The game was played by Players through posting TikTok contents using SUPERKIND’s original short tracks/beats that was launched in each of PRID’s personal TikTok accounts. Players chose the track that attracts them and used that sound in their TikTok contents. All Players who joined the game must accumulate the required number of views for the song’s hashtag. Top 11 Players who have the most likes in their TikTok post that uses the track will win. The track/beat will pass the quest if the required views of the track’s hashtag is reached. That’s how the song ‘Mugshot’ was formed. Below is the compilation of the first silver track of PRID members, compiled by PlaySUPERKIND Unofficial on YouTube. Let’s hear it. 

The game started from the tier of log in, iron, bronze, to silver. Silver Quest was already completed. Next is from gold, platinum, to diamond but these tiers haven’t been played yet. For now, the quest was halted and might be continued in the future. 


Listening Party With SUPERKIND

Recently, SUPERKIND announced a comeback scheduled for October 18, 2023. Their comeback schedule was shared in their official SNS, and the SMMG Listening Party was included in the schedule, which took place last October 11, 2023.

SUPERKIND's Private Listening Party With Players Plus Exclusive Interviews

Before that, Mariane, the PlaySUPERKIND community manager made an announcement in Discord about the SMMG Listening Party, announcing the time and special guests. 

SUPERKIND's Private Listening Party With Players Plus Exclusive Interviews

SUPERKIND Discord Announcement Screenshot

On October 7, the highlight medley of the mini-album “Profiles of the Future (Λ): 70%” was released, with a title track ‘BEAM ME UP’. ‘Mugshot’ is the fourth track to be included in the mini-album. You can listen to it below. 

Finally, in October 11, the Listening Party took place in a private voice channel in Discord. Special guests were the SUPERKIND PRID members, PALIC, one of the music producers, and Mariane, the PlaySUPERKIND community manager who was hosting the event. The Silver Players expressed their excitement and mixed emotions after listening to the song for the first time. They even requested that the song be played again and again because they couldn’t get enough. The song’s impact on the Players was clearly evident and their anticipation for the mini album’s release became stronger.


Q&A With SUPERKIND About The Song ‘Mugshot’

SUPERKIND's Private Listening Party With Players Plus Exclusive Interviews


After listening ‘Mugshot’ for the 3rd time, Silver Players got the chance to ask questions to SUPERKIND about the song. Here are the few questions that have been answered by SUPERKIND.

Player Kat: How was the quest challenge for you? Did you see it as a competition among all members? Or more like a team effort to build the best song? What did you like and dislike about it?

(SiO answered in Korean and Daemon translated in English.)

Daemon: It was not like a competition but we did a lot of support for each other, to support their music taste that we share each other’s TikTok challenges and their games. So I think it’s not only a competition, but it’s a very support. Is it a tracks, to make the TikTok videos is very challenging but also very fun to do it, there was a great experience. 

Player Valerie: What was your first thought on the title ‘Mugshot’, or do you prefer a different title?

JDV: At first, ‘Mugshot’ title is ‘Lobster’ (Then he proceeds to speak Korean. Daemon translated them after.) 

Daemon: The first impression of the pre-nickname of the song was ‘Lobster’ and it was so new to us and actually the ‘Lobster’, it could really mean a ‘Lobster’ that was really new because the concept of this album is very related to it, so it really suits to cool concept. The title is a great choice. 

Player Winwin: Can you talk about what is ‘Mugshot’ all about? What is the emotion about the song?

Daemon: The ‘Mugshot’, the whole album is actually about us and NUKE chasing each other and before that, we are a space criminal. The ‘Mugshot’ is the song that expresses how bad we are and how a mischief we are. So the whole emotion is how bad, you know the quirky, like trouble making kind of emotions. Yeah, that would be the full emotion of the ‘Mugshot’.

(Suddenly, Players opened their camera to reveal themselves to everyone. Daemon was interrupted in the middle of his explanation because of this.)

Daemon: Oh! Hi, haha! Oh it’s so good to see you in person, like thank you so much for this place, and it’s so bad that we have to go and get a dance lesson, but I hope we can comeback with this kind of schedules again.

SUPERKIND's Private Listening Party With Players Plus Exclusive Interviews


Players were so happy to be able to interact with SUPERKIND in a span of 30 minutes. But sadly the boys needed to go for their dance practice at 6 PM. Then PRID said their ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love yous’ to players.

After SUPERKIND left, our questions about the song ‘Mugshot’ were directed to PALIC, who is one of the music producers. PALIC answered our questions one by one, and shared more insights about the song. Here are some of the questions from Players he answered. 


Q&A With PALIC, The Music Producer Of ‘Mugshot’

PALIC: Hi my name is PALIC. I am a producer for ‘Mugshot’ and I’m here to answer all your questions.

Player Kat The Tangerine: I have been wondering about this for months. What does “trying to be the Lobster” mean? I really want to know this. 

PALIC: Personally, I haven’t seen the full lyrics either. So I think we both have to wait until the 18th to see the full meaning behind the song.

Player Komik Koto: PALIC what is the bpm of ‘Mugshot’? 

PALIC: The bpm was, the original was 141. 

Player Brit: What was your original inspiration behind the track? What inspired you to make a beat and everything?

PALIC: Let me explain how the song came to be. I believe much ‘Lobster’ or ‘Mugshot’ was the first track that Geon was shown on the TikTok Quest. 
I talk a lot about what kind of song he wanted as his first track. And he wanted something impactful and so we’re talking about what kind of music he likes and he told me he loved music that gave him a pump in the gym because he loved to exercise and he wrote songs with a clear rise. So a song that showed, oh this is the hook. So he wanted something to explode. And as I heard more of his voice, I realized that he had a very sexy component to his voice and his voice was most beautiful at the high ranges. So we talked a lot about doing zombie music and music you should hear at a bar like R&B. The sample and bar music, we didn’t think it would be impactful for a first song. So if the quest were to continue, we were planning to do more sample down the line. So for the first song, I thought why not do drill music? So if you don’t know drill music, the type of music that has become popular in the Western cultures and we wanted to bring that to K-Pop. Drill has already been in K-Pop but recently there’s no song that is drill focus but there are a lot of drill components within verses of many K-Pop songs recently so we thought why not bring the entire song to K-Pop and this type of drill is more specifically Latin drill and as you all know I have a producer friend named OIBOI (He is also a music producer for ‘Mugshot’) and he is a master of drill and he specialized in it. We spoke on something together and that’s when ‘Mugshot’ was turned in. I love it so much, it’s the first song. And the version you all just heard is updated version where new producer came in and changed it to fit more in a K-Pop scene. The original song was meant for Tiktok but as SUPERKIND decided to make an album and how to come back in music programs, they decided to make it more K-Pop. And when I first heard the outro of ‘Mugshot’, I thought it hit the type of song that you’ll hear in a League of Legends, and even K/DA, so I thought it was that kind of a song that would perfect for an outro to the album because it kinda feels like SUPERKIND will rise to new levels through this album. So yeah, that’s how the song came to be. 

Player Hikari Miyazaki: What do you think about the song when you first made it? 

PALIC: Personally, I didn’t think Geon would pick it because, as you know, drill music isn’t popular in Korea. I actually got surprised that out of all the songs that I gave him, and then if you remember after his first track, he kept going towards drill music. So yeah, I realized Geon likes drill. 

Player Brit: Do you have a favorite part? 

PALIC: Personally, I love the intro, “Paranoia,” because usually when you’re a producer and you edit songs, you hear it thousands and thousands of times and you eventually get kind of sick of your own song. But, the “Paranoia” part is really good. So I loved hearing it over and over again. 

Player Kat The Tangerine: Did you work with all the members on the song or mostly with just Geon’s? 

PALIC: ‘Mugshot’, the original, first for the TikTok quest, I worked with Seung and Geon. 

Player Komik Koto: Is ‘Mugshot’ OT7?

PALIC: Yes, all 7 members are on it.

Player Winwin: If you were to reach in the future like a sub-unit part with a member of three, which members would be and what kind of music? 

PALIC: Personally, I really love Eugene‘s voice. And I feel like Eugene’s voice fits a lot of the music that I’ve been doing. I actually thought about this in the past and I thought maybe a duo or trio with Eugene and Daemon would be a combo and all would work. And I think the type of music we could do most likely R&B maybe. So Eugene would probably vocal and rap and Daemon just rap. I think that would be a really nice combination. 

Player Kat The Tangerine: Are the members write their own lyrics or is it provided for them? 

PALIC: Some of the track were provided for them. I talked a lot to the members. Before we started the projects where the company and I wanted members to partake in the composing and the lyric prospect, Daemon made all his own songs and his lyrics, and I just helped him with suggestions. I also believe Eugene wrote a lot of his own lyrics. 

Player Komik Koto: Have you ever met Seung? 

PALIC: I didn’t met him in person. I only received his vocal files.

Mariane: How was it to meet the members every week for this really tough project in terms of creativity, what was your mindset?

PALIC: It was actually very strange at first because I only saw them like Players, in YouTube and Discord. So meeting them in person kind of felt unreal because I am actually meeting celebrities. So it was very fascinating. To make sure we didn’t make the same music or have Players become bored of the songs, every week we constantly talk about how to improve and what kind of new songs we can show our Players through the quest. So every week I would give them a piece of homework. For example, the first week’s homework was “Pick 10 of your favorite songs” and the next week’s homework was “Find your favorite viral songs in TikTok” so we could know what kind of trending music members liked. So yeah we kept trying to find new genres to bring to.

Player SherryB: Any plans for solo songs for each member in the future?

PALIC: Of course, because each member, like if you seen the quest, has very distinct and different genres that they all like. For example, Geon might have really like drill music like ‘Mugshot’ but none of the other members picked any drill music. And Daemon, as you all know, likes rock, while none of the other members picked any rock music. So I think it would be a good idea to have an album in the future with a song for each member with some units as someone mentioned.

Player Komik Koto: I’m really curious of Seung’s and SaeJin‘s voices. Is it AI or voice of someone working in DEEPSTUDIO?

PALIC: One thing I can say is it’s not fake, yes it’s real.

Mariane: It’s real, nobody is fake in SUPERKIND. 

Player Brit: PALIC, were you watching any of the content made for the sound by Players?

PALIC: Oh yes, of course! Believe it or not, a lot of the developers and producers and SUPERKIND love watching your content and yes, everyone’s watching. I just like a lot of your content and I love watching what you guys do with the sounds and SUPERKIND content. But yes, trust me. A lot tof the devs are watching and loving your content. I remember one of the devs came into my room during a discussion with one of the members and they were showing us some funny content they found. I remember us laughing together.

Player Valerie: How long did it take you to create or produce the song?

PALIC: If you see a lot of producers talking about music production, you will hear a lot of producers say, “Oh it takes 15 minutes, 30 minutes to make the song” and yeah that’s usually how long it takes. The mixing, the mastering, the editing, the arrangement, these parts take longer. ‘Mugshot’ took a long time but as you know, it might have felt like a very long time but I think this is one of the fastest development I’ve ever seen. 

Player Kat The Tangerine: Will you work with SUPERKIND more in the future?

PALIC: Of course! I’d love to design an opportunity. I think the quest are still planned because we had a lot of recorded work that hasn’t been revealed yet. 

PALIC: Mariane, I like to thank you for buying this opportunity for me to get a chance to answer Q&A for players. It was really fun working with the members and I hope you all look forward to October 18th, 12 PM KST, that’s when their first mini-album is coming out. So please share your love with the members, create content and share your funny ideas with the world. Everyone is always watching. Thank you!

And for the last time, Mariane played the song again before she ended the Listening Party.

SUPERKIND's Private Listening Party With Players Plus Exclusive Interviews



Exclusive Interview With The Music Producers And Participants Of The Private Listening Party

After the event, I asked two music producers, the community manager, and all the Silver Players to share their first impressions and feedback about their experiences of listening the full version of the song. Their responses were positive overall, with many praising the song ‘Mugshot’ and expressing their excitement for the mini album’s release.

Question for PALIC, one of the music producers. How do you feel when silver players listen to your produced music ‘Mugshot’? How do you feel answering Players’ questions about the song? 

PALIC: To be honest, I was just very glad because the PRID members put in so much work with the songs and creating content for the Quests and Players also put in so much effort to create content for the songs! I was relieved that we were able to provide something through the Quests and that the song that came out was a banger! I had a fun time answering questions that Players’ had! They had some interesting questions and I’d love to be a part of other sessions like it!

Question for OIBOI, one of the music producers. You are one of the producers of the song ‘Mugshot’. As a producer, how do you feel working with your friend PALIC and how do you feel that ‘Mugshot’ will be released as a track in the first mini-album of SUPERKIND? And also, PALIC said you are the master of drill.

OIBOI: It’s always a pleasure working with PALIC. We’ve both been able to learn a lot from each other and inspire one another. It’s really been fun making music together. I’m really excited about ‘Mugshot’ being released on SUPERKIND’s comeback album. It will be our first K-Pop song that we’ve produced. Drill hasn’t really been explored much in the K-Pop industry so I hope this song and album will be a new breakthrough in the K-Pop scene!

Question for Mariane, the PlaySUPERKIND community manager. How do you feel when you heard the full version of ‘Mugshot’? How do you feel hosting it for silver players? Were you excited?

Mariane: From the beginning of the SMMG quest, I got very excited hearing ‘#BGN_T_001’, I was surprised, in a good way, to hear a drill song. As a hip-hop fan, I was so happy to imagine SUPERKIND endorsing a hip song. So I was really thrilled at the end of SMMG, seeing that my favorite song was kept to be included in the album. When I listened to ‘Mugshot’ for the first time, I was delighted that the members could showcase a different style from their usual and was expecting the listening party a lot. When preparing for the listening party, I was lucky enough to get PALIC to join us, as it was important to have someone involved in the creative process of the song to directly share his experience. On the day of the Private Listening Party, I was actually very nervous as I wanted the MVP Players, who worked hard preparing to support SMMG, to finally taste their reward. Although we faced some technical issues (My clayer behavior showed up haha), I am glad I could host this Listening Party on Discord, as I knew it would be a key memory for Players, and being part of it, is meaningful to me too. As this song is so lit, I really look forward to the album release to see Player’s reactions and to finally be able to share ‘Mugshot’ with my friends and family!

Question for Silver Players, the Silver Quest MVPs. How did you feel when you heard the full version of ‘Mugshot’ before its official release? How was the experience like? 

Winwin: I feel excited when I heard the full version of ‘Mugshot’ before its release. This experience makes me feel special because I’m among the first to listen to the song before its official release, and I appreciate the uniqueness of the music genre chosen by Geon.

SherryB: The song is catchy! It is one of my favorite genres and songs! I can’t wait for the song to be released. I am sure players will like it. 

G4ZE: Listening to ‘Mugshot’ before its release makes me feel special and connected to SUPERKIND. It creates a sense of closeness and intimacy with their music, at the same time, I am also honored to be a part of a selected Players, who have been given a sneak peek into their creative process. It makes me feel like I’m part of a community of dedicated fans who share in this unique experience. The experience of listening to ‘Mugshot’ before its release heightens the excitement and build anticipation for its official launch. It makes me even more eager to support SUPERKIND and share my thoughts and feelings about the song with others. It makes me realize that there’s more to see and expect within SUPERKIND, that they’re more than just unique, because of the NUKE members itself, but they’re unique because they put everything that they can and give their hearts to it, and above all, they enjoy and they got to shine in their own way. As a Player, I’m so honored to see how they slowly achieve their dreams and goals and shares it with us. That no matter how tired I am from my own personal stuff, I’m still happy knowing that I have a place to call as my safe skies in the embodiment of SUPERKIND.

Hikari Miyazaki: It was awesome! That experience was amazing from talking to the PRIDs to talking with PALIC about the song.

Kat The Tangerine: I think it is a nice way to reward the Players that had the most views for the videos they worked on. The song is really good and I loved that PRID could join us for a short time to enjoy it with us. It’s nice to do this in a small group too.

Lynn: I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to listen to the song before its official release. It was a truly unique experience that not only made me feel special but also fostered a strong connection with SUPERKIND and their artistry. The anticipation and excitement that come with being one of the first to hear a new song, even before it’s widely known, was a thrill in its own right. This experience deepened my appreciation for the music, creating a sense of intimacy with the SUPERKIND. I found myself fully engrossed in the melodies and the overall atmosphere of the song and I can’t wait until it’s finally released publicly!! Overall, it was a delightful and exciting experience. 

Rezzmari: Players worked hard to get the beat to past bronze, silver, and then the gold quest. It was a rewarding experience and I liked how good the song turned out. I am sure everyone will enjoy it once it is released. 

Valerie: SUPERKIND recently released a new B-side track called ‘Mugshot’. The song is a perfect fit for the hip hop genre and features a long, catchy main chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. From the intro all the way up to the bridge, the vocals of all seven members blend seamlessly with the song. I want to give a shout-out to the producers who did an excellent job creating ‘Mugshot’, and to the developers of PlaySUPERKIND, with whom we have a close connection. ‘Mugshot’ is sure to be the best welcoming B-side track for SUPERKIND’s first mini-album.

Komik Koto: When I heard ‘Mugshot’ before its official release, I felt happy and excited. I was happy to hear the full song early and appreciated the opportunity to listen to it before the general public. It helped me understand the melody better, identify who sings in each part, and I felt happy because I heard it first. I was also happy to hear SUPERKIND, PALIC, and Mariane in the same private voice room with Players. The Q&A was fun and I got to learn something new about the song. The Silver Quest was hard to achieve and I thank all the goddesses that I made it to the top ten. I’m happy that the song I liked the most in the PlaySUPERKIND Quest was included in the first mini-album. I’m sure Players will like it. Also, I’m thankful to the PS Developers that they included the NUKEs to sing in ‘Mugshot’ and created a music video for it.

Brit: When I first heard the full version of ‘Mugshot’, I was in shock. It was very intriguing to see how the song has changed since we first heard it with the TikTok challenges. The song had progressed beautifully, with even some of the vocals we had previously heard being changed. I loved the energy of the song, and was not expecting how some of the melodies came together, which left me loving the song more than I could have expected.Im very honored to have had the opportunity to listen to the song before its release. It is not an experience many people get to involve themselves with regularly, so it made me feel even closer to the group knowing that the selected players efforts to help grow SUPERKIND’s fanbase had paid off!! 


In conclusion, the Listening Party for the upcoming SUPERKIND mini-album was a special experience for fans, as it allowed a select group of SUPERKIND Players to hear the song ‘Mugshot’ before its official release. SUPERKIND, PALIC and Mariane, the community manager, were also present at the Listening Party. Players had the unique opportunity to interact and connect with the group and other players, as well as to enjoy an early preview of the mini-album. Overall, the Listening Party was a positive experience that added to the excitement and anticipation for the mini album’s release. Check out ‘Mugshot’ below! 


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