Stray Kids Rises To No. 1 On Billboard 200 With “ROCK-STAR” Album

Stray Kids Rises To No. 1 On Billboard 200 With “ROCK-STAR” Album

Stray Kids Rises To No. 1 On Billboard 200 With “ROCK-STAR” Album

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The dust has settled for Riot Games’ 2023 League Of Legends World Championship and the players’ year-long grind has finally come to an end. The game’s early supporters probably could have never imagined the immense growth and longevity of the scene. However, Riot Games have become pioneers, constantly elevating Esports to new heights.

For the past several years, they’ve enlisted the help of talented artists to create a theme song for Worlds to build up an ever-growing wave of hype as the best teams battle it out to hoist the Summoner’s Cup. The anthem for “Worlds 2023” was sung by none other than world-renowned girl group, NewJeans. Their performance on the finals stage was  impeccable, leaving even viewers at home in complete and utter awe. Check out a video of their performance down below.

There was also EXO’s BaekHyun who performed as one of the voices for Riot Games’ new boy group, HEARTSTEEL. They are not the first K-Pop idols to collaborate with the gaming company and certainly are not the last. With the success of Riot Games and their growing chart-topping hits, the inclusion of even more K-Pop acts are sure to come.

Here are some idol groups we would love to see collaborate with the gaming company!


 6 K-Pop Groups We Would Love To See In Future Riot Games Collabortations

ATEEZ Official

ATEEZ are an idol group who are masters when it comes to performances. They pour their whole being into every stage, mesmerizing even non-fans worldwide. The idol group’s members are also known for their love of gaming, so it wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary to seem them collaborate with Riot Games in the future. They would provide the hype necessary to maximize the excitement for a World Championship.


Stray Kids have become an iconic name within the space of K-Pop. With their popularity and sheer talent alone, they would create an incredible buzz heading into any Riot Games event and provide a jaw-dropping performance too. We can just imagine how incredible it would be to watch Stray Kids perform right before heading into the grand finals.


aespa have their own unique universe where virtual meets reality. Having experience in toeing the line between these two worlds, they would make a perfect fit for a Riot Games collaboration. It would be an amazing treat to watch the girl group perform next to their video game counterparts. With their vocal skills and undeniable stage presence, aespa would certainly bring any stage with the gaming company to the ‘Next Level’.


Ever since their debut, IVE have received an explosive response which only seems to grow with time. They consistently overcome every expectation, showing that their evolution as artists has no end in sight. With their recognition and talent, they would do great in a collaboration with Riot Games. They could very well become the voices of the next iteration of K/DA, bringing waves of excitement to the gaming space.


TXT have solidified themselves as one of the leaders of their generation. They come complete with their own color that’s distinct to their identity as artists. With such a dominating presence, they would be a perfect choice for a future project with Riot Games, whether it’s a song for “League Of Legends” or “Valorant”. With their expertise and performance capabilities, they would definitely rock the stage, causing both fans and gamers cheer in unison.


Even outside of concert performances, TREASURE are a group who know how to work the stage. From beginning to end, they show amazing showmanship, making it fully clear that while they are professionals, they know how to have fun too. They would bring the same energy to a Riot Games collaboration, making everyone hype for the oncoming tournament. And no matter what team you’re rooting for, you’d definitely have TREASURE playing the background.

Who would you like to see collaborate with Riot Games next? Let us know in the comments!